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Tips to Effectively Improve your Website SEO Ranking

Are you working on your website SEO for quite some time but not getting the desired result?

Are you worried and looking for a solution?

Do not worry as it’s the time you need to do a technical Audit of your website on the following points:

  • Website usability
  • Content quality and readability
  • Page-loading speed
  • Website Images
  • Header Tags
  • Broken Links
  • Page Layout and Format
  • Content on Contact Us page
  • Website navigation
  •  Website’s Mobile optimization
  •  Social shares

The Website Technical Audit is required as it has been seen in recent years that apart from Off-page SEO activities the above-mentioned factors also impact a website’s rank in search results.

So if you are still focusing completely on Keyword search, insertion and usage, Meta tag optimization, Link Building then you need to shift your focus towards website audit for effective SEO Services and better Results.

Below are some tips that can help your Website SEO

a) Work on your Website Usability- A good Website will keep the users engaged and make them stay longer. It has also been seen that visitors tend to visit a website again if they had a good experience. UX and UI also matter if a prospect is to be converted to a customer. So, check your Website usability and improve it for better user engagement.

b) Create Engaging, Readable and Descriptive Content– For improving the dwell time on your website the need is to create engaging and long content (as it is most preferred by Google). While word count will not matter if the content lacks readability and interest, so the first requirement here, therefore, is to create content that suits the interest of the user, is well-written, easy to understand for the visitors, detailed and has a relevant call to actions.

Also to make the content reading experience more enriching for the user it is recommended that the content is added in multiple formats like Videos, Slideshows, and audio. Not only will this step make the user experience better but will signal the availability of great quality content to the search engines. This step, therefore, will be a great help in improving the SEO of your website.

c) Ensure Faster Page Load Speed– Search Engines like Google and Bing take the Loading Speed factor into account if they are ranking websites as users might leave a page if it does not load quickly.

So if you find your web pages loading slowly work on the same. Some of the ways in which page load speed can be improved are optimization of image sizes, reducing plug-in use, minimization of redirects, adding caching plug-ins and adding clean and streamlines codes etc.

For more detail read the article: Now Speed Up Your Website Loading Smartly! and Tips to increase WordPress Website Speed

d) Optimize Header and other Images– If you want to optimize your website image for SEO, you need to add ALT tag, title and description tags to the images. By adding all these elements images get optimized for the web and are better visible in search engine results under Images.

e) Add Header Tags– Content on a website looks impressive if it is broken carefully into smaller parts using Headings. Header Tags are necessary to add in a website as it ensures readability and keep the reader’s interest intact. So as you check your Website for SEO, work on your content and make its appearance better.

f) Check for 404 redirects– While working on your Website SEO check for 404 redirects and ensure that your pages do not redirect visitors to it. Nobody wants to click a link and get redirected to a 404 page. Even search engines consider a site with too many broken links as a neglected and old website and reduce its search ranking. So it is best to employ tools like the Google Webmaster tool to search for these links and rectify them same.

g) Check Website Layout and format– A user-friendly layout enhances the user experience and content readability for the visitor. So it is recommended to add proper layout and formatting options like-

1. Readable font size and typography

2. Bold colours and types

3. Line Spaces and Short paragraphs

4. Subheadings

5. Techniques like tabs, sliders, drop-down menus and others

h) Add informative Contact Us page- Contact us page of your website needs to be informative and should be a one-stop place if your visitor looks for information about you. Also, search engines crawl the contact us page and look for detailed information so that they can list your website as trustworthy and therefore higher on the search results.

i) Proper Website architecture and navigation– Flat website architecture makes content more readable and helps visitors easily find the content they are looking for. This process in return decreases the bounce rate and improves the SEO of the website.

j) Make your website mobile-friendly– Mobilification is in practice because more and more customers prefer mobile when it comes to shopping and content viewing. So, for a website to be better ranked by search engines, it needs to be optimized for mobile.

k) Add Social sharing– Social media has become extremely important and for any business to be better known, it needs to popularize itself over the social media channels. Adding social buttons to your website can help in the social sharing activity as a visitor upon finding the content engaging might like sharing the same to his group.

So, apart from the regular activities above are some tips that would help in your Website SEO activity.

These activities are extremely easy to perform and can actually help in the improvement of rankings. Wait no more and start with these steps today. Hire F5 Buddy for SEO Services and Digital Marketing Services for your website to boost search engine ranking and traffic which in turn helps in business growth.

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