Let’s Create a Brighter Future for Our Environment and Society

What Does Going Green and Social Stand for us?

It is More than a Social Responsibility; it is a Part of Our Lifestyle.

Going green to us, means to live life in a way that is friendly to the natural environment and sustainable for the earth. Whereas going social states how we enjoy being social and helping people who are in need.

  1. Undertaking plantations and forestation activity
  2. Promoting renewable sources of energy
  3. Promoting awareness about environmental issues
  4. Reduce consumption and waste
  5. Emphasis on Increasing recycling
  6. Matching Donations
  7. Promoting education & sports
  8. Promoting healthcare

Go Green and Go Social is a Sustainable Way to Spread Happiness in the Society

Beyond business we are passionate about bringing change in the environment and life of less privileged. We encourage establishing more sustainable environment and helping people who are in need. For us, these policies are not just CSR activities but the most important part of our life. The main purpose of our Go Green and Go Social policy is to get our business involved with the society and world. Our policy has nothing to do with the business competition around nor is its a contest, but an important way of embedding green and positive thinking into the fiber of our organization.

In simple words at F5 Buddy going green and social is not just a corporate policy but a way of living life that is committed for saving environment. Our policy helps us to contribute towards the betterment of this earth and making it a better place to live in. We have been working on the various facts that help us to save energy and remain social during our work. We believe through our small steps and day to day efforts we can make a positive impact at the personal, local and global levels.

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