We form strategic alliances and partnerships with leading organizations around the world to deliver comprehensive solutions and expand our service offerings. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and associates and guarantee to offer services that help in the growth of their business.

Strategic alliances with world-class organizations enable us to deliver the best solutions to the IT challenges faced by the company. We believe that for a company to thrive, it is imperative to have strong relationships with partners, employees, customers and all the other people who are associated with the company.

With our remarkable business solutions, we have managed to build partnerships with various IT companies worldwide. Whether it is a software development company, marketing firms, web design company or an enterprise belonging to any other niche, we have separate partnership proposal for every firm.

So, Looking to Outsource Web Development and SEO/Marketing in the India? You’re at the right place. You can discover highly skilled Web Developers or a whole group of Professionals to help your in your projects as your own team. In any case, to outsource Web Development Projects in India, Send us an Email now at contact@f5buddy.com or call us at +91 913 159 9323.

Benefits of Selecting an Offshore Web Development Company Like F5 Buddy.

White Label Marketing - Our Business Partnership Program

Working closely with organizations, F5 Buddy builds partnerships that help in the sustainable development of your business, thereby increasing your revenue. Our White Label partnership programs includes technical and marketing solution that helps our partners in becoming a next-generation organization. In addition to this, our partnership proposals are client’s business demand-driven and not our partnership model-driven. With F5 Buddy as your offshore partner in India, you get the benefit of converting leads and accelerating your sales cycle.

Here are the three type of Partnership Program offered by F5 Buddy, which you can choose depending upon your business requirement:

  1. White Label Partnership Program
  2. Franchise Partnership Program
  3. Referrer Partnership Program

White Label Partnership Program

Under White Label Marketing Program, the company can market and sell its services in its own brand name. The company will be free to decide its own packages and only need to outsource its services to F5 Buddy. Our work would be to deliver you required marketing and IT solutions while being anonymous to your clients.

The White Label Marketing Program is best-suited to recognized companies who are able to broadcast their Digital Marketing Services and are looking forward to increase their delivery capacity at a competitive cost. This program enables you to offer your clients all the services offered by F5 Buddy.

  1. You can generate orders and set pricing under your brand name.
  2. You will be to free to focus on acquiring clients and selling.
  3. We will take for the timely delivery of projects
  4. We will work anonymously for you.

Benefits Of White Label Partnership Program:

  • You can focus on the core of your business while we will work for your clients
  • You are free to set pricing and generate orders.
  • We will work with you as your in-house team, but with charges quite less than that offered to in-house professionals.

White Label Services that F5 Buddy Offers are:

White Label Website Design

Choosing a White Label Web Design partner is a crucial decision. For effective marketing, web design should be compelling and attractive keeping the visitor’s action in mind. With our white label website design, we ensure that our clients have a website that will bring in customers and attract more business.

White Label SEO

Support your SEO company, digital marketing agency, or consultancy with our White Label SEO Services. With us, you will get the manpower you need without adding new employees and provide your clients with link building, blog outreach, local citation building services, technical website optimization and SEO reports.

White Label Web Development

Support your Marketing company, digital marketing agency, or consultancy with our white label Website Development. With us, you will get the manpower you need for Small Business Website Design, WordPress Website Development, eCommerce store development without adding new employees in your Team.

Franchise Partnership Program

Franchise Partnership Program is for small companies and individuals who have marketing skills, knowledge of IT field and can engage prospects but lack in the brand name. We offer brand projection or establish a market to enable such companies to start converting clients. Under this program, you will work with a name of well-established and reputed brand in website design and development through which you can start earning instantly. Apart from full range of services offered by us, you will also be able to showcase our reviews and portfolio to your prospects for gaining more conversions.

Franchise Partnership Program makes you, our bona fide representative in your local area. You will deal with client engagement, coordination of projects and brand building on your own, however, we will provide you any kind of support you will require.

  1. We will host our website on your local domain and hosting
  2. You will get a brand name of the well-established company to start your business
  3. You will work as a franchise of F5 Buddy in your local area.
  4. You can showcase our portfolio and reviews to your clients.

Benefits Of Franchise Partnership Program:

  • You will be having a brand name to give a kick-start to your career.
  • You would have a portfolio of the successful digital marketing campaign at your behest.
  • With our Franchise Partnership Program, you can increase the global reach of your company.

Referral Partnership Program

Under our Referral Partnership Program, we enable small and medium-sized companies to earn a bonus by referring F5 Buddy to the wide network of prospects they have. Referral Partnership Program is not particularly for web design and development, but business from any domain can be part of this. Your job will only be to refer our services to your connections by any means you can. This program doesn’t include you to deal with any kind of project management or client coordination.

After being our partner through this program, you will be eligible for referral commission, which we will be providing for every successful project we will acquire through you. And, we would not disclose this commission to any of the client attained by this means. Furthermore, we guarantee you that we will be delivering 100% customer satisfaction to the leads sent by you.

  1. You will send referrals, which we will be converting into customers.
  2. The package of services to referrals will be decided by us.
  3. You will get referral commission on every successfully closed deal.
  4. We will strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction to your referrals.

Benefits Of Referral Partnership Program:

  • You can earn a good amount of commission simply by referring us to your connections.
  • You would not have any hassle of project coordination or client handling.
  • Your commission would not be disclosed to any of the leads brought by you.
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To make your Project a Success

We Understand the Challenges you are Face in Building Marketing Team

We are into website design and development business for years, which enables us to understand the challenges faced by agencies and startup companies.

We, at F5 Buddy, overcome the challenges with effective:

Communication: While working with Web developers who are handling your project offshore, communication becomes a problem. Varying time zones also lead to delays in getting the response for your queries.

All the Web Professionals and Marketing Consultant in our team are fluent with the English language and we offer round the clock support to our clients. We make sure that the work is up-to-date and all the deadlines are being met.

Training: Most white label Agencies assigns Web developers who happen to be available for a short period. This wastes a lot of your time in training the developers according to your requirement again and again.

We do not outsource developers based on projects. Our in-house teams work together on all the projects and are hired for a long-term basis.

Project Management: Working with outsourced Web developers often comes with challenges like you to manage the project closely to prevent scope creep.

We work from the very start to the end, look for all the red flags and even help you manage the project utilizing your project management system.

Availability: Great developers often keep changing companies and not available for a longer duration, which makes it hard for you to deliver estimates and projects consistently.

With us, you need not to worry about working with great developers. We take of everything, right from the hiring of the developers to their training and understanding of the project. You can always count on us to take on your projects.

Benefits of White Label Services       

Here are a few benefits that you get with F5 Buddy’s white-label services

  • Increased Revenue: Increase the streams of your business and your revenue by including Website Design and Development in the list of services you offer.
  • More Deals Closed: As an IT consultant or marketing agencyyou can close more deals for website design services in your package.
  • Get Caught Up: Is your freelance growing faster and you are not able to keep up? Is your proven backlog out the past 30 days? Hire us for a reliable and proven solution.
  • Stay Focused: Building custom web apps and designing custom websites is our core competency and always be. Hiring us, you can focus on your core competencies.
  • Quick and Easy New Website: As our white label partner, you will be free from concerns like spending your crucial time and money on the process like research and development
  • Speedy Development: Development of a website or web application from scratch takes an amount of time. Since we are into development for years, we know all the solutions.
  • Customer Retention: When your customers need a new website, why send elsewhere when you can meet their needs and make good money through it.
  • Assurance: Since we work on website design and development day in and day out, we know havoc involved in the process. And, this you can rest assured with us for reliable services.

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