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The website speed is the most crucial element that makes first impression about your business. For every website owner out there, it is important to keep in mind that you won’t get a second chance when it comes to user experience. Low website speed is one of the first things that will turn off your visitors.

Being the person behind a well-formed business, you must be aware that your website is the showstopper of your online marketing efforts. Nothing works better than a smooth and fast-loading site when it comes to showcasing your business. Now, what needs to be concerned about is the website speed. 

High website speed performance results in low bounce rates, more engagement, higher conversions, higher ranks, high return visits and better user experience. Slow website damages your reputation, but also cost you money.

By reducing the page load time, marketing and sales process will be highly improved. Fast loading websites help you get higher traffic and attract qualified that can be converted into customer upon proper nurturing.


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What is Website Speed?

Website speed is the loading time taken by your website, when someone manually types in the URL or clicks on a link that redirects them to your website.

The main aim behind optimization is to reduce the loading time of a website to less than three seconds. Because the visitor would not wait for more, you need to make sure your site does not allow them to leave. If you have a slow website, it is essential for you to get website speed optimization services to get the issue resolved so that your visitors can have a more enjoyable user experience.

How fast does your site loads?

In layman’s terms, website speed refers to the rate at which your site loads when a user clicks on it or manually enters the URL into their search bars. There is a simple logic behind website speed. If your site loads in less than 3 seconds, your visitor would decide to stay and navigate through it. Otherwise, they would leave.

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How to test your Website Speed?

Before we head towards website speed optimization, let us first understand how would you know you need to work on your site speed. Every website owner needs a speed test to observe its performance while a user clicks on it. A variety of tools are available to test your website speed. These tools would help you to tweak your website for optimal performance. 

How to use the Website Speed Test?

You can use website speed test tools to analyze the following aspects of your website:

  • Pinpoint various elements of your site like scripts, plugins, and fonts that are the leading cause behind its slow speed
  • Check if your scripts are minimized for reducing unnecessary characters
  • Spot images that are responsible for pouring heavy load on the site
  • Check if your JavaScript or CSS is render-blocking
  • Test the Time To First Byte (TTFB)
  • Calculate the total loading time of your webpages, the size of pages, and the number of HTTP requests.
  • Analyze the performance of the website from various geographical locations to spot the difference. 
  • Check the compatibility of the site with different browsers by determining the rendering speed on each of them.
  • Analyze HTTP headers.
  • Observe how your content delivery network performs for your website.
  • Verify if your CDN loads the assets correctly. 

Commonly Used Website Speed Testing Tools

To meet the goals mentioned above, some of the most commonly used website speed testing tools are:

Google PageSpeed Insights

It is a free tool by Google that runs a performance test on your website and also provide you recommendations on how to boost the performance. It works for both the desktop and mobile versions of the website.


YSlow not only gives you an idea about the website speed, but also provides you recommendations on how to enhance the performance of the page, draw statistics and summarizes all the components of the website.

Performance Budget Calculator

It is again a free tool, which not only gives you an idea of the website speed, but also helps you to figure out what type of content you can use to make sure that your website is running optimally.


Pingdom is also a great tool for website speed testing that comes with number of useful features. Pingdom tracks the performance history of your website, makes data-driven recommendations on improving the website speed and generates report which are quiet easy to understand. Pingdom also provides applications for website speed testing for both iOS and Android.


GTMetrix allows you to approach website speed optimization with actionable data in hand. GTMetrix also gives you individual scores for the specific features that impact the page loading speed. Improving each of these scores will help you take the necessary step towards website speed optimization.

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Speed Optimization Work We Did

To meet the goals mentioned above, some of the most commonly used website speed testing tools are:


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What is the Importance of Website Speed Optimization?

Improving the speed of your website is crucial to keep your customers happy and drive business growth. If you know whats the Importance of Website Speed Optimization  is and follow it, you can surely get a website with optimal speed. Facing issues in resolving the website speed, connect with an expert at F5 Buddy to get it up and running again.

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Know about each tools in more detail at “8 Widely Website Speed Tools to Monitor Website’s Performance”

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