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Keep your Website Updated and Secure with our Monthly Website Maintenance Service only @ $50/month.

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Website Maintenance Service to Keep Your Website Updated

We certainly recognise the value of having an organised website, moreover acquiring the website able to access the network is inadequate. Therefore, it’s vital to keep your website engaging and regularly maintained while you need to implement it at full potential.

Websites, just like cars need periodic maintenance to work efficiently; monitoring your site well helps in site security, expands the series of new visitors, boosts returning traffic and much more. We are diligent in offering you absolute protection while promptly listening to client needs; apart from technical aspects, we notice that a reputable service renderer is someone who cherishes their energy, funds and honesty.

Website maintenance services include small content updates, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL installation, module configurations, installation to version upgrades, etc. Website maintenance plans were bespoke to suit all business sizes. So if you are a start-up, small enterprise or large scale enterprise, we render full website assistance and website maintenance that cover your requirements.

Website Maintenance Security & Support

Websites require regular maintenance and updates to work productively, as 70% of the customers learn about a company through their website. Don’t cost your business through the appearance of faulty features whenever a visitor clicks on your website. It has become very crucial for every company owner to invest in Website Maintenance Services to generate traffic and ROI.Trends keep changing and your website needs to adapt accordingly as well.

We at F5 Buddy provide excellent quality Website Maintenance Service and SEO Services at pretty affordable rates to help you make your website adhere to the latest standards and stay ahead of the trends.

Another stat says 65% of people focus more on relevancy than company name when searching for information. This figure explains that they will often choose your business over others if your business is providing the service they are seeking. Here you will need to know how SEO service is going mainstream.

What Does Website Maintenance Service Includes ?

Once your website is launched, we enter upon a whole range of key activities to achieve productive Website Maintenance. We understand the fact that whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, your website is precious to you. Therefore, with years of experience, we have been offering our clients Professional Website Maintenance that includes:

  • Constantly updating your blog with brand new content.
  • Troubleshooting of Functionality (Is something out of order? We can get it fixed)
  • Up-gradation of your CMS and plugins
  • Addition of fresh pages/ sections on the website.
  • Routine reviews to pin down positive improvement alternatives
  • Getting individual updates done as and when required
  • Broken Link Check and Fixes.
  • Regular performance appraisal of the website
  • Periodic database backup – particularly for eCommerce websites
  • Removal of virus, bugs, and other issues that can impact website performance
  • Consultation regarding various aspects of a website such as design and performance
  • Review of server performance
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Ensure website security

Everything You Need For Website Maintenance Services

Maintaining a website would require huge time, and it distracts your attention away from your core business operations. We provide a full range of website design and Website Maintenance Services to satisfy your digital business requirements such as hosting, email and monitoring assistance.

With a phone call, our expert technicians could handle all your concerns, from content updates to security and backup.

WordPress Maintenance Services

We offer robust services to keep your website up and running smoothly. Whether you need help with reliable backups or regular plugin Updates, we have got everything covered at an affordable WordPress Website Maintenance Plan. Along with monthly reporting and detailed performance insights, our team is available to respond immediately to all your queries related to WordPress Maintenance Services.

eCommerce Website Maintenance

Running an online business needs a lot of attention to the website performance as your business scales gradually and the number of visitors increases over time. With our premium eCommerce Website Maintenance Services, we assure you a highly-optimized online store that delivers a smooth user experience with increased loading speed. We perform regular monitoring to avoid downtime and security concerns of your store.

Web Application Maintenance

We offer Professional Web Maintenance solutions for your web-based systems to help you scale easily. Our web experts and strategists perform regular technical audits and stress tests to find and fix any of the underlying issues. Each of our routine Web Application Maintenance Service includes reviewing and optimizing Web Application Performance and security while ensuring your data is always safe.

Mobile App Maintenance

Once your Mobile App reaches the store, it may face certain unexpected issues that need fixing and Maintenance on regular basis. Whether there is an unexpected downtime or bug in your Mobile App, we are always ready to deal with such critical issues that demand urgent attention. Our dedicated team helps you with quick updates through crash/error reporting, continuous monitoring, and customer support.

SEO Management Services

Website rankings can have a great impact on how your business performs over time. Certain crucial factors demand regular Maintenance to ensure your website’s SEO score keeps improving. With our website SEO maintenance packages, you get regular reports for your website in terms of traffic, sales leads, and other important evaluation metrics as we work on Maintaining Keywords Ranking of your Website to the top of search engine results.

Google Ads Management Services

We manage your Google Ads Accounts to keep an eye on keywords that drive conversion, what your competitors are up to, and how to adjust your campaigns to deliver even better outcomes. We further offer dedicated PPC Management Services to determine the best keywords to bid on while working on a perfect ad copy that helps boost your ROI and improve Quality Score of the Website.

Why Hire Web Developer for Long Term Website Maintenance?

In order to stay competitive, attract more customers, and sell more products your website needs to be updated at regular intervals as per the trends of the time. If you are not doing that, your customers would get ahead of you and the search engines will start disliking your website as well.

We relieve you of the burden such you ate able to breathe more freely and concentrate on your work instead of having to devote time to making website updates on a regular basis. Hire Web Developer to work for you to maintain your website and make sure it’s updated and secure. Website Maintenance will also include a Technical SEO Audit each month and resolve issues and do website speed optimization.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

Every website needs constant support, updates and checkups. Choosing a monthly website maintenance plan is imperative, which should not be ignored. Website maintenance offers a wide range of benefits, some of these are:

Constant Support and Updates:

Website maintenance plan makes sure your business doesn’t fall behind in terms of search engine optimization or security. Constant support and updates assures that all your plugins and search engine algorithms are up to date.

24/7 Monitoring:

Any downtime on your website can costs you sales and customers, no matter even if it just for few hours. A website development team monitoring your website 24*7 prevents your website from such downtime and brings it back to functioning in just fraction of time.

High Level of Security:

With website maintenance plan, you get the most reliable security solution. Timely updates also prevent you from being hacked. You can check for the updates on your own. However, it is better to let website development to keep a check on your website to prevent it from getting hacked.

Reliable Website Backup:

A website may crash, due to broken code or server error. Hence, it is important to have a backup. For the websites, which publish new contents daily, it is better to consider daily and weekly backups.

Proper Hosting:

Hosting is a fundamental element for website speed. With a website maintenance plan, you will be placed on a proper hosting which can handle load of visitors.

5 necessary reasons to have website maintenance service

  1. Security– Wanting to keep your site software or code abreast of the latest information serves to safeguard and secure them with your website visitors. It makes them stick on.
  2. Customer retention– Maintaining your site content up with the newest and guaranteeing that there were no broken links retains your customers engaged, thereby preventing them from being annoyed and switching to a competitor’s website that is well maintained. Audience retention is very important in this current digital world.
  3. SEO– Search engines applaud quick, fault-free websites, best maintained, and that should include newer information. Consequently, each time you refresh your website, you provide novel content for the search engines to index your site. You should make your website to date and content relevant to the subjects where you wish the person to spot your venture.
  4. Backup– All websites must be backed up regularly while anything occurs, and the website must be rebuilt or restored.
  5. Unusable Features and Poor User Experience– Your website would be filled with newer specs and technologies, so what was the harm in introducing newer features to your WordPress or Drupal site? The faster you deploy the update, the earlier you can access the latest features. At the same time, if you use the WordPress version, your overall experience would be dramatically distinct and almost slower than the most advanced versions.

Why F5 Buddy for website maintenance?

Never throw your firm’s very first and foremost legitimacy in the hands of wrong persons since it could endanger or destroy your toughly won business reputation. Our devoted crew of leading web developers and designers is specifically trained and has decades of expertise in handling the operational tasks of websites through several zones.

We render consistent, impeccable and exceptional website maintenance services; look at our specially designed website. Routine maintenance plans for SMEs. We came up with an affordable pricing scheme for the website maintenance services.

Our client-focused system has enabled us to build the confidence of more than 500+ clients for website maintenance services. We stand out for our round the clock client service and lesser pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is website maintenance service necessary for our corporate website?

To rank well in search results, you must keep your website updated with website maintenance service include current content, news, keywords, and articles regularly. WordPress website maintenance regularly is critical to your SEO strategy. It’s important to keep those potential customers if your website is gaining momentum and traffic.

Are you providing regular maintenance for an online store or eCommerce website?

It’s critical to keep the information on a website up to date, particularly if it has features like location search and ratings. It’s also important to apply the most recent security updates to your website to keep it safe from hackers.

How can I get started with your website maintenance services?

Website maintenance services at F5 Buddy relate to the activities involved in keeping a website up to date and running properly. Updating content, adding photos, adding links, updating apps, making it customer-friendly, protecting it from damage and much more are all part of web maintenance services.

What types of CMS are covered in your web maintenance services?
  • Updating the website regularly.
  • Backups are being produced.
  • Checking for 404 errors and redirects from the server.
  • Spam comments have been removed.
  • Content is being updated.
  • Page loading speeds are being checked.
  • Taking a look at any opt-in forms.
What is covered with your website maintenance services?
  • Check that your website’s files and databases are being updated automatically.
  • Ensure that all of the software that your website depends on is up to date (for security and performance more than features).
  • Keep an eye on the internal connections to ensure that users get to where they need to go.
Why does my website need regular maintenance or retainer service?

A monthly website maintenance retainer allows for effective marketing strategies and the addition of new website features. Their web server or website software, just like their Windows machine, can need updates to remain stable and perform well.

What maintenance options do you offer?

Anything from basic text notifications to sophisticated image and product management is available via F5 Buddy. ECommerce Website Maintenance can be purchased monthly in 30 or 60-minute intervals to suit the budget and site requirements.

Why does my website need regular site maintenance?

Regular website maintenance is important to keep your website’s material, files, videos, and images up to date. This keeps your visitors updated and active on your blog. This is more a necessity than a simple requirement.

Is my data secured?

Yes, your data is completely secured. When we collect any data from our users we ensure to keep it secured with us. We do not share any of your information with anyone and anywhere.

What is the monthly cost of website maintenance?

Monthly website maintenance costs range from $35 to $5000 a month. You can spend a different amount depending on your website and the needs. Also, the cost differs if you opt for Web Application Maintenance or Mobile App Maintenance.

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