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How Businesses can Overcome Marketing Challenges Amid Corona

With 268,077 cases and 11,188 deaths, Corona Virus has become one of the deadlines outbreak till now. The virus has already been declared Pandemic by WHO and has become one of the major global health crisis. It has not simply remained potential public health pandemic, but also critically impacting global supply chains and markets. After […]


Tips to Effectively Improve your Website SEO Ranking

Are you working on your website SEO for quite some time but not getting the desired result? Are you worried and looking for a solution? Do not worry as it’s the time you need to do a technical Audit of your website on the following points: Website usability Content quality and readability Page-loading speed Website […]


How To Boost E-Commerce Sales With Instagram Marketing Strategies

Ready with your website and want to create an online buzz for your business? Do you wish to get discovered by more people around the world? If your response to both these questions is a yes, you are at the correct place to get your answers. Instagram has become a very popular way to market […]


7 SEO Tools that Every Digital Marketer Must be Using

As a Digital Marketer, it is crucial to invest in the Best SEO Tools that aid you in maximizing your productivity. As the digital industry is developing, there are several tools coming into the picture that can make your task easy, cutting down human labor, without sacrificing the quality. Here we are focusing light to […]


How to Enhance your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Businesses can neither survive for long nor grow with a bad marketing technique. This is not the twentieth century anymore and internet has taken over almost all over the world. Therefore, the traditional marketing techniques are becoming obsolete day by day. But whenever a thing moves out of trend, another takes its place. So the […]


Flow Metrics: Citation Flow and Trust Flow

Who doesn’t want its page to rank top in the Google? Of course everyone, and for this, we need to understand what factors add to a page’s Google ranking. Why link building plays a vital role in the SEO? What metrics are important when it comes to link building?   Google gives much of importance to […]


Good VS Bad Marketer

What makes a marker good or bad? To answer this question, F5 Buddy has come out with the infographic below. The Infographic has been designed to address various tactics of marketer. Through the infographic one can clearly understand that it is not the marketer who is good or bad but it’s all about the marketing […]


What is Digital Marketing explained in Infographics

Digital marketing is a term for the online marketing of products or services via digital technologies. Basically, it is the use of various digital media tools to market a particular brand, product, service or organization.  Digital Marketing relies on several fundamentals. In our latest infographic , we have explained the important  channels and techniques of digital marketing […]


How to Create Backlinks Using Your Competitors’ Broken (404) Pages?

If you are familiar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must have known how important it is to build backlinks for any successful SEO and Digital Marketing Campaign. However, we believe there is an untouched resource out there for great link building: finding your competitors’ broken pages that have been linked to by external sources. […]


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an online strategy that is used to drive today’s business, big or small. Here in the infographic below, digital marketing is described as an effective way of marketing that bridges technology with psychology in the marketplace. We have tried to describe various components of Digital Marketing that are reliable to convert your […]

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