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PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. It is a kind of sponsored online advertising that is used on an extensive range of websites and search engines, where the advertiser has to pay only if a user clicks on their ad. Hence the title, ‘pay per click.’ It is one of the great ways to get visitors to your website when you need traffic. But with a poor management you can spend a lot of time, generate numerous visits, and end up with nothing to show for it. So it requires PPC experts and online strategies to achieve great results.

PPC Advertising Company

If you are looking for a reputed and established Pay Per Click advertising company? Look no further. You have just landed on the right page. After providing satisfactory PPC advertising services to our clients from all across the globe we can assure you that our services will best empower your Digital marketing plans with the great level of PPC coverage.

Our advertising services are designed to enable our customers receive targeted and adequate amount of website traffic. At F5 Buddy, your business account is managed by certified PPC Experts and they ensure best campaign for you.


Pay Per Click Services

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC experts perform detailed keyword research in order to target your services and products. With the exhaustive keyword research and in-depth competitor analysis, we are able to develop a responsive PPC strategy to stay ahead of the race and improve ROI significantly. We conduct ample keyword research to create ad group and themed campaigns for relevant search phrases.

Bid Optimization And Monitoring

Bid Optimization and monitoring is crucial to achieve your campaign goals. Continuous tracking of ad performance, effective optimization of bids and right selection of keywords, all the factors collectively aid in bringing the results for any campaign. We have a team of experienced PPC experts who ensure enhanced conversion rates via automatic and manual bid adjustment.

Adcopy Writing

We have expert PPC Ad copywriters to draft ad copies that represent your business in the apt manner and help you gain the clicks on your ads. We will customize your Ad copies using the targeted keywords, which boosts the quality score and Ad rank. Our team will optimize your campaign inside out, ensure well-focused ad copies and highly optimized landing pages.

Periodic Report Generation

We assure periodic reports for the campaign, which help you understand the Google Ad strategies that have we applied and ROI you are achieving through it. Hiring our PPC experts keep you ensure that you are consistently given the reports of your campaign’s performance. A good campaign report management includes implementing proven strategies for positive results.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization is a crucial part of PPC services which aids in reducing the advertising costs. With our landing page optimization strategies we make sure that our landing pages are well targeted and highly optimized for keywords. This not only ensures more conversions, but also helps you target highly specific keyword phrases and provides you with better metrics.

Account Setup

Our PPC experts will setup your PPC account, which will include creating ad copies, defining differing Ad groups and adding sitelink extension to the Ads. We develop strategies that enhance the performance of your campaign and make every penny of your ad spent count. With us you will get immediate results, more conversions, without any management problem.

Hire Professional SEO Consultant and PPC Experts

PPC Experts

F5 Buddy has certified team of PPC Experts – who has right knowledge and experience of paid advertising. They are expert in setting up links and web pages for promoting your product or services in a way that your current website traffic will get increased.

Our Professional SEO Consultants and PPC specialists are also well skilled and have their own methodology for inclusive keyword research and analysis that facilitate the search ranking to be at top worldwide. Pay Per Click advertising campaigns by us help customers to get them dual advantages of strategic placement and immediate visibility.

Contact us to know more about our PPC and other Digital marketing services and Hire our Certified PPC Experts.

Get a Perfectly Build Website with Incredible User Experience and Search Engine Friendly approach.

We at F5 Buddy, work to setup and optimize your paid advertisement campaigns on various search engines like Google Adword, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing Adcenter, Twitter etc.

When you will join hands with F5 Buddy, you will get to enjoy numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

What Our Service Delivers

Our PPC services are not only result oriented and effective but they are most reasonably priced too. There are many more reasons that why should choose our PPC services or how you can benefit from Pay Per Click:

Swiftness: PPC advertisements can be initiated quickly unlike SEO. Our expert professionals do it to bring targeted traffic and quality leads at your website at pocket friendly rates.

Greater visibility: Being a very trusted and established PPC advertisement company we help you increase better online visibility. We direct our efforts and PPC campaign to help you establish as a market leader and assist in increasing your business with more patrons.

Geographically targeted ads: Managing PPC ads geographically is a vital part of our advertising strategy. We can target ads city, state or country wise in order to make it visible to the potential customers of a particular area.

Maximized ROI: With our strategic marketing campaign we ensure increased clicks per advertisement to help you get maximum return on investment with better website traffic.

We are never too busy for our customers; feel free to contact us now to find out how your trade name will benefit from our PPC advertising services.

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