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CakePHP Development

Cake PHP is a renowned and highly favoured Web Application Development framework that greatly simplifies the development and integration of web application process. CakePHP framework is based on the MVC model, hence provides logical separation of code from the user. The reason for the popularity of CakePHP lies in its robust features like easy configuration, rapid prototyping with clean MVC conventions, code generation and scaffolding etc and its ability to help developers develop websites quickly with very little configuration requirements. Cake PHP framework also offers a vast number of options like translations, easy database access, secure authentication, etc, all built directly into the MVC framework for easy, fast and reliable web application development.

Some of the major benefits of CakePHP Frameworks

  • Easily extendable with components, helpers, behaviors and plug-ins
  • Requires zero configuration
  • Built-in validation
  • Ease to use framework
  • Supports various languages
  • Brilliant file management system
  • Large number of forms with easy customization
  • Ease of coding allowing developers to build extensive applications

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If you are looking for an expert CakePHP development company or a team of excellent CakePHP developers then you are at the right place, F5 Buddy is a one shop stop for all your business needs. Our skilled CakePHP developers possess extensive knowledge of CakePHP framework and they can work for various scale businesses. Our Cakephp Development team helps our customers to increase their website’s traffic, sales and revenues. They also provide add-on services like SEO services, Digital services, and maintenance services for Cakephp websites. They also keep adding to the knowledge and capabilities with regular learning and training programs held at F5 Buddy.


F5 Buddy is an established Web Development Company providing various Cutting-edge development services using CakePHP framework.

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