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Popularly Used Types of Web Hosting one must know

There a number of options available for selecting the type of web hosting. You can choose it as per your requirement. Here we have mentioned a few of them which are popularly used.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting shares your server with other websites. It is generally used by those who have a new website start up and do not want to invest a much in it. However, there may be a disadvantage if your site is not so popular, it may affect your site’s performance.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS looks like one single server but actually is shared with other multiple websites.

VPS has 3 major advantages:

  • Full access and no restriction to administrator permissions
  • Can opt for additional services like FTP or mail server, etc.
  • Subscriber can host multiple websites
  • No other websites have access to the files on your server.

There are a few disadvantages of VPS as well:

  • Lack of performance in case of one VPS is throttled, the adjacent VPS is used which consumes excessive resources and lowers that particular VPS’s performance.
  • Maintenance can be difficult as each website carries its own OS.
  • Security can a major issue in case of breach or software failure.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best for growing your business online. Though it is costlier but worth investing in. It provides you the full channel/server to use that means you don’t have to share your server with any other website. Isn’t that great? You have full access to the root permissions and no need to spend your time in worrying regarding the security.

[ Bluehost and HostGator are among the popular web hosting service providers you can choose.]

Cloud Based Hosting

Cloud based Hosting allows you to work on the server along with many others. It’s a huge server and is flexible to increase its network when need urges. If your website has a very large traffic then and your website growing rapidly then Cloud Hosting is the best option for you to choose.

Reseller Web Hosting

People buy a particular web hosting service and then resell it to others whatsoever the reason is. There are different reseller packages available like free website templates, tech support or even private name servers. It is not recommended to use reseller web hosting for your website unless you want to do reselling as a business.

Self-Service Web Hosting

If you have all the knowledge and expertise then you can probably go with self-service web hosting. Everything in it is has to be done by you starting from, buying, installing, Configuring, etc.

So, go for this only if you have the precise knowledge of how to do everything by your own Else Hire Expert from F5 Buddy to help you in all your hosting requirement and set-up.

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