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Tips to increase WordPress Website Speed

Imagine browsing a nicely designed website that takes ages to load! Would you like to navigate further? It is quite likely that you won’t. Similarly, if your own website which is otherwise well designed, has a lousy loading speed, would any visitor find it worthy of his or her time? Well, you need not be a rocket scientist to guess that they won’t. Hence it is pretty important to pay attention to your WordPress Website Speed and whether it loads quickly enough.

Need some more motivation to do that? You would like to go through these statistics :

A one second delay in page loading speed results in

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversation
  • Loss of a major portion of sales, benefitting your competitors

Here are some tips for WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Use optimized images :

Well designed images can infuse a new life into your website and entice visitors to know more about your product or service and eventually purchase the same. But what happens if the same take ages to load? It can completely jeopardise the user experience and you would not want that to happen.

There are two most preferred file formats :

JPEG and PNG. It makes sense to go for JPEG if your images have too many colors as the PNG images with similar features can be much heavier. If you must use the PNG format images, make sure you restrict their usage to transparent, simpler images, such as logos that need to blend with the background.

Keep your WordPress website update :

Another way to boost your WordPress Website Speed is to keep it updated to the latest version. This is mainly because WordPress Developer keep on removing bugs and making it load faster with every release. Besides that, features that can cause longer speed times are optimized or replaced in order to streamline user experience. Staying updated should give a boost to the loading speed of your website.

Choose the WordPress theme wisely :

While it may be tempting to go for the WordPress theme that looks extremely visually appealing, you need to step back for a while to ponder over a few things first. Check whether the theme would load as fast as you desire. How well it performs on browsers of different resolutions and that on different mobile devices should be tested as well. You ought not to sacrifice user experience and speed for looks.

Another important point to note here is that  a lot of code and images would be required for a cool looking theme that have the potential to slow it down. Even if you must purchase a premium theme, make it a point to check if it is compatible with all browsers and is responsive.

Install a caching plugin :

WordPress web pages are loaded dynamically, meaning thereby these are rendered as and when a user searches for the same. WordPress runs a series of processes to load web pages as per the request and that can really slow down the loading. However, if you install a caching plugin on your website, it will store a copy of the requested web page and show it to subsequent visitors. In essence, this reduces loading time by a huge margin, thereby giving a big boost to the WordPress Website Speed. There are several free as well as paid caching plugins available out there, such as WP Fastest Cache, WordPress Super Cache and more that can do the trick for you.
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Avoid unnecessary plugins :

Do you really require a plugin that does a seemingly impressive function or your website is well without it? You need to ponder over this question at least a dozen times before you install a particular plugin. Besides blowing up your website’s loading speed it can ruin the over-all functionality as well.
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As indicated by above lines, there are a number of ways of WordPress Website Speed Optimization. You need to tread very carefully when it comes to your WordPress Website Speed. The above tips should help you in optimizing the same for users as well as for search engines.

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