Top 5 Most Used PHP Frameworks for Web Application Development

The decision to use the Best PHP Framework depends on various factors such as documentation, scalability, ease of use, security and more. And these factors have been facilitated by various and ever-growing emergence of popular PHP frameworks during the past ten years to all the Web Developers across the world. And why PHP Frameworks are the best Framework Technology throughout these […]


Why Laravel PHP Frameworks is the First Choice of all Developers

What are the general criteria for a development team to choose the framework? Certainly, third-party integrations, deployment, testing and many more that need deliberate consideration. More than 80% of all the websites including the big fish like,,, and are built with PHP which makes it the major server-side scripting language in […]


Customized CRM

Customer Relationship Management is abbreviated as CRM. It is a system which is used to synergies between existing and succeeding employee. Customized CRM is the qualified shape of CRM, involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize Sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Objectives of CRM To simplify marketing and sales process. To make […]


What is SEO Friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) & Their Significance?

A Content Management System is essentially used to manage and create digital content and covers within its ambit, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM). Enterprise content management concerns itself with collaboration in document building, managing the digital assets, and retaining records, apart from enabling role-based access to documents in an organisation. A […]


From A to Z- PHP Framework : Zend

If you have been going back and forth about the choice of framework for your next project, here is an exhaustive view of the Zend Framework– one of the potential choices- which will help you make an informed decision. With about 184 million installations in a large open source community, Zend Framework is an extensive […]

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