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The Definitive Guide: Most Important Elements of a Technical SEO Audit

When you wish to gain the ranking of your website on search engines, you need to trust effective techniques of search engine optimisations. SEO includes broad aspects with which we can optimize a website to rank well on search engines. When your website ranks well in search engines, you will receive traffic from targeted users. However, SEO includes much more than this. One of the final yet most important steps of SEO is a Technical SEO audit.

When SEO includes both On-Page SEO and off-page SEO, technical SEO includes significant components like XML sitemap, site architecture, structured data, thin content, 301 redirects and much more. Therefore, it is essential to understand the website properly to conduct a technical SEO Audit.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is an advanced process with the help of which we can optimise websites for search engine crawling and indexing. It helps search engine spiders crawl sites easily. 

With Technical SEO, one makes spider index sites more effective. It also includes steps to improve the technical aspects of the website to obtain a better ranking of website pages in search engines.

Technical SEO does not include anything related to the website’s content or promotion; instead, it is all about website infrastructure.

Why Is Technical SEO Important?

Indeed a successful website includes various aspects. It starts with designing and ends to its launch. Perfect content, design and images make a perfect website, but this is not sufficient. The best site is not all about the best content. With all these, the SEO of a website is also important, and the most important is technical SEO. 

If your technical SEO is messed, you cannot ensure ranking on major search engines.

Technical SEO includes On-Page SEO Checklist. At the most basic level, it includes everything that can let Google and other search engines find, crawl and index your website to provide it proper rankings on search engines.

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How Can You Improve Your Technical SEO?

Conducting a well-defined SEO process is essential to gain website ranking on major search engines.  However, among all the process involved in search engine optimisation, Technical SEO is an essential step.

Several technical SEO tips are used while conducting an SEO audit for a website. Many believe that technical SEO is probably the most challenging SEO task, but this is not true; once you know the basics of technical SEO, it is easy to conduct a technical SEO audit. 

Some of the crucial elements of Technical SEO are:

1.Creating a perfect XML sitemap – XML sitemap is just like a map for search engine spiders. It helps crawlers find your website and rank it in major search engines over a searched keyword. There are few guidelines for XML sitemap, and they are:

  • Create a well-formatted document for your XML.
  • Make sure it follows proper protocol.
  • Make sure to include only the updated pages of your sitemap.
  • Submit your sitemap to the Google search console to make it crawl faster.
  • Make sure it has everything about your Site architecture.

2.Defining suitable URL structure – It is also essential to check that your URL is consistent and logical. URL has a lot to do with your search engine ranking. A URL must convey a short introduction to your site. Once you add  a perfect URL for the homepage of your website, you must make sure to define your other web pages with a perfect URL. It makes it easy to recognize the pages of your website easy for both the spiders and users.

3.Check for robot.txt file – If you feel that your web pages are not indexed, you must first check for the robot.txt file of a website. Sometimes, your web pages are blocked for various reasons, and thus, search engine crawlers don’t index them. 

4.Setting up Structured data – Structured data is also vital in technical SEO. It is a simple code that you can add to your website and its pages that search engine crawlers can detect. It helps them understand the context of content included on your website. 

5.Make sure the website does not have thin content or duplicate content – When you include unique content, you are more likely to receive ranking in search engines. However, duplicate content can affect the overall image of a website in search engines. SEO audit helps you find if your site has any duplicate or thin content and also help you eliminate it.

6.Check site load time – One of the significant aspects of technical SEO is to check the site load time. It may include the load time of the website on mobile devices as well. It is always better to reduce your site load time because this is essential for gaining proper ranking in search engines. The load time of the website must be less than 3 seconds. It is an important SEO strategy.

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7.Checking Site Structure and Navigation – Website structure is essential for technical SEO. When your website design is poor, there arises an issue in its crawling and indexing. The navigation of a website must enhance that anyone, including the spider, can easily crawl all your web pages on a website. The robust structure of your website makes it easy to conduct all sorts of technical SEO.

There are many elements of technical SEO that can check while an SEO audit for a website is done. When done correctly, it helps optimize the website for easy search engine crawling and better rankings.

Conclusion –

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