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How to use Block Editor in WooCommerce

WordPress 5.0 now have an exclusive feature which is named as block editor. The editor will allow us to create our content in blocks’ series in new interfaces. This feature works through whole modernization and revamping of WordPress’ experience of content-editing. For the developers and owners of WooCommerce store, this is the beginning of an exciting procedure making admin interface large parts handy and dynamic. The whole thing also includes the management and customization of products and posts.

The transition involved with the editing based upon the blocks will occur incrementally and yet here are few things we need to get through :

New Block Editor

What Kind of Changes Block Editor Has to Offer?

It is one among the potential causes of using WooCommerce over rest of the eCommerce platforms. It is so we can get the access to the capabilities of WordPress’ contents. We will be able for writing as well as publishing every kind of blog posts and other promotional contents. The same process helps in for shopping at same place where we will manage our orders and products as well. It is a potential integration and can be improved with the help of block editor.

With the help of this, we will be creating highly-personalized landing pages, articles and blog posts with whole control over individual section. The process occurs with several types of available sections.

With numerous WordPress developers in its plugin ecosystem, the only matter of fact occurs before the useful exclusive blocks that are available for the content. From the blocks for the newsletter calls-to-action and signups to the blocks for testimonials and image galleries to the blocks that are WooCommerce specific are developed.

WooCommerce’s basic block for WordPress 5.0  launch is for products block. Using the block, we feature all the products in pages and posts. We can sort and filter the products based upon all kind of criteria. We can also adjust the display feature such as number of rows as well as column.

It is a way too potential, intuitive and visual way for featuring the products in the content as compared to the old solutions like toolbar or shortcodes buttons in classic TinyMCE editor.

Product Block has become a recent feature plugin when we polish and refine the experience of the user, so that it can be intuitive and natural in use. The time we are dialing-in our experience, we can now merge it into core plugin of WooCommerce. This is where it all be available for all the WooCommerce stores.

We all know how difficult it is to get the work done for preparing Storefront theme ready in WordPress 5.0. The block editor recommends series of exclusive features and blocks of which the themes can get benefits.

Few among them includes cover images with full-width and parallax images with the text overlay. Apart from these all kind of content blocks that are embedded along with column supports with a limit upto six columns.

Storefront 2.4 and upgraded supports all the newly formed blocks introduced by WP 5.0. Besides, it is also available for downloads.

Twenty Nineteen Theme

For the addition, this new editor WordPress 5.0 also has a default theme as twenty nineteen which is designed to be super-flexible, so that the users can take its full-advantage of block editor.

WooCommerce 3.5.2 and upgraded version also support this theme and we can see this theme as all shops’ base irrespective of any base.

WooCommerce and Block Editor Phase Two

The next phase of block editor introduced the phenomenon of templates. It is a specific implementation of how the templates should function. It enables WooCommerce for modernizing and improving the product editing experience additionally.

Despite the bunch of meta boxes that are scattered about the admin interface of the product, we can be editing the products by using visual editor. Here, we can see as well as customize in fine details of how the products will be appearing in shops.

We are looking forward for WordPress and Beyond

Many users are eagerly waiting for WordPress 5.0 that will bring to eCommerce in longer term and an immediate form.

So, this was all about how to use block editor in WooCommerce.

For more such updates, stay tuned!

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