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How Update of New Block Editor Can Amaze and Help Us

WordPress 5.0 is all set to amaze us all with so many exclusive features. With all these features, the most prominent one is block editor can also be termed as Gutenberg. Users are going to love this feature giving them an extremely new experience. They would never walk back to the previous version of WordPress. This version has got it all.

The new editor involves with the feature of installing Classic Editor plugin preserving experiences we used to on older version. We only need to be thoughtful while deciding whether choosing this feature or version is the right move for our site or not.

Classic editor is basically known as open source software and a lot of people contributed to the plugin. It provides different and exclusive ways for creating the content in the software. We will have numerous ways for creating the pages and posts in the WordPress.

This new block editor has the feature of using the blocks for transforming ways from single document to bunch of elements. With the help of this, we will be acknowledged with the experience of page building along with the personalized visual elements. We don’t have to be worried about the view of our blog content because it does not change the view. The new block editor also lets us insert any multimedia type within moments along with rearranging them easily.

Visual editor in WordPress 5.0 backs us up with a feature semi-WYSIWYG, which stands for “what you see is what you get”. With the help of this we can easily, edit, format and create our blog content in the view which is similar to the word processor. It has set up as the default mode for editing enabling us the visual tab on editor’s area top right corner.

So, when we upgrade for the version 5.0, the editor will look different wholly from previous classic editor. When we used to create table for our post, we had to use separate table plugin. With new feature loaded block editor, creating the table is way too easy with adding the selected columns and rows along with the table block.

We can also pull up the content elements and drag them down too, all we would need to do is a single click. We can also go for the option drag and down. The best part of this update is, we can simply learn as well as use the block editor to create affluent content for our blog. In this new update, we will learn how we can become pro in developing block contents like a pro.

The given tutorial will help all the beginners in creating their block with the new WordPress.

Blocks adding In Block Editor:
  • There are numerous types of blocks that are available for choosing and they all are organized in several categories as per their recent use.
  • Every block has its own settings for the formatting, to grab better as well as control.
  • Each individual block comes with own formatting settings for greater control.
  • The initial block on each post will be the title block. Click on the add title option so that we can add title to our blog.

Our next content block is automatically going to be the paragraph block which means we can start our post directly. However, if we do not want to begin our post with the paragraph and direct want to add on different outline, we can add random block by clicking on “+” button. Simple as that.

After clicking on it there will be a block menu displayed with the search bar. We can check the different block categories. We can also search by the keywords in search bar, so that we can add blocks.

There are multiple ways for adding blocks on pages and posts:
  1. Just click on “+” button on the left on the top of toolbar
  2. Then click on “+” on empty side’s left block.
  3. Now, click on “+” of existing block’s top center for adding the block above.

This was all about the update of new block editor. For more such useful articles, stay tuned!

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