The Laravel Framework- 5.2 and 5.4

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Laravel primarily focuses on developing web applications that follow the MVC or model-view-controller architectural pattern thus being a free, open-source PHP web app framework. A quick transition in the versions have taken place and again with the new version from 5.2 to 5.4.

Unlike Laravel 5.1, Laravel 5.2 introduces  some new features in its bucket such as :-

  • Multiple authentication driver support
  • Implicit model binding
  • Simplified Eloquent global scopes
  • Opt-in authentication scaffolding
  • Middleware groups
  • Rate limiting middleware
  • Array validation improvements.

Auth Scaffolding : – Auth scaffolding feature involves conducive , smoothing way to scaffold the authentication views for your front-end by Simply executing the make:auth command on your terminal.

Implicit Model Binding : – Implicit model binding provides an easy way to induce  significant models precisely into your routes and controllers.

Middleware Groups : – Middleware groups permits numerous route middleware grouping under a single, convenient key, resultant of which is, several middleware routes at once. Case in point, while building a web UI and an API within the same application this approach is a right fit.  Grouping of the session and CSRF routes into a web group, and perhaps the rate limiter in the API group can be done.

Rate Limiting : – Rate limiting feature has been involved with the framework, granting the access to smoothly limit the number of requests that a given IP address can make to a route over a specified number of minutes.

Array Validation : – Laravel 5.2 introduces another new feature of array validation wherein validating array form input fields is a comparatively easy task.

Eloquent Global Scope Improvements : – Global Eloquent scopes  seems to be convoluted in prior versions of Laravel and subjected to ample of bugs to implement. On the contrary, Laravel 5.2, global query scopes only require you to implement a single, simple method apply.

The technology is moving at a rapid pace as to leverage more improvised version of the framework resultant of which is the launch of Laravel 5.4!

Let’s have a quick glimpse of some more add-on features in the framework as compared to its version 5.2.

Laravel Dusk -:  Lravel 5.4 introduces “dusk”  feature  which is  based on BrowserKit that makes use of ChromeDriver and the Facebook Php-web driver, substituting Symfony BrowserKit, resultant of which is , Dusk support Javascript, making it an end-to-end testing tool.  Well, the most crucial benefit of dusk is, it renders easy helping methods such as login for a smooth user instance.

Real Time Facades: In  Laravel’s previous version, it was a bickering  responsibility  to create your own facades, whereas the new versions, easily converts your application class into a facade. The new versions performs on-demand task so that you can get rid of countless onlookers.

Blade Components and Slots: Blade components and slots feature have not involved much of variations and seems to be quite similar to the earlier version. Mostly it provides a flexible and simpler way to create templates. Developers familiar with Vue.js will not find much difference.

Markdown Mail and Notification: Laravel 5.4 involves pre-built markdown templates and components, important for mail and notifications, permitting developers to develop responsive HTML emails. Case in point; while sending email, integrating Markdown with Blade components permits fetching maximum flexibility.

Laravel Mix: Another interesting feature of Laravel 5.4 is Elixir API followed by Laravel Mix. Introduced for the first time in the updates, this feature is endorsed for building tool wrapper of choice. It is developed in Webpack, instead of Gulp.

Redis Cluster Support:  Redis connections  is another feature in the bucket which is defined to a number of single hosts and multiple clusters within the same application, as it is not required to cluster in single host in the same application.

Collections: In the latest update “collection” delivers short-cuts or say “higher order messages”, and we can  perform common actions on them. Moreover, the latest Laravel 5.4 offers a host of features to provide ease for application development.

With all its excellent features, Laravel has transcended most of the prominent frameworks of PHP. More and more businesses have actualized that growing with Laravel is the excellent option. It could help boost profitability and of course increase the return on investment. Moreover, the framework helps an organization, heedless of its size and location to stay ahead of the competition. Create attractive and interactive websites with the Laravel PHP framework. The demand of Laravel framework is on the rise due to its implausible features. Also, Laravel provides comprehensive community support as well.

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