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Top 5 Most Used PHP Frameworks for Web Application Development

The decision to use the Best PHP Framework depends on various factors such as documentation, scalability, ease of use, security and more. And these factors have been facilitated by various and ever-growing emergence of popular PHP frameworks during the past ten years to all the Web Developers across the world.

And why PHP Frameworks are the best Framework Technology throughout these years?

Web Application Developers knows it best that the purpose of any web application development has been the real intention behind its popularity. It has been providing the ability to quickly and safely develop applications, eliminate the need to create codes from scratch, guarantee stable application development, and reduce the workload.

Workload reduction? Of course, by simplifying complex coding problems for developing powerful web applications in a short time, eliminating the need to run coding from scratch, ensuring stable application development.

The PHP scripting language has various PHP Frameworks with robust technical capabilities, but few frameworks outranked the old and most used frameworks.

In the graph below, Laravel has been maintaining its popularity for the past year, and other frameworks seem to be trying to be sustainable throughout the year. This progression seems to stay long, stable concerning each PHP framework and stay updated with us for further details and discussions on these frameworks through our future blogs.


We are about to discuss about top used PHP frameworks so far with their current popularity till first quarter of 2020.

#1 CodeIgniter

From around for more than 12 years, Codelgniter (2006) is among the Best PHP frameworks because it comes with prebuilt modules which make coding simpler and app development faster. Most developers has been preferring CodeIgniter Development because of its well-illustrated database, high speed and being ideal for beginners since it comes with a simple set of libraries.

The graph below demonstrates the usage journey of CodeIgniter from year 2011 to 2020 that shows the steep increase in using this framework among various websites over the internet.

Reasons why CodeIgniter being used:

  • CodeIgniter has been a good choice when you want to develop lightweight applications to run on modest servers. It is considerably faster, but when it comes to building an app that requires high security, it is not that advisable and maybe getting outranked by other frameworks.

  • Its key features have been facilitating the developers to create scalable apps that include simple and excellent documentation, inbuilt security tools, top-notch error handling, Community support, Form validation, MVC architecture and more.
  • When it comes to Hire CodeIgniter Developer, you will be assuring DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Microsoft BI, PostgreSQL and MySQL compatible service, with the support of both implicit and explicit routing.

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Why You Should Select CodeIgniter Framework for Web Application Development?

#2 Laravel

Laravel (2011) is standing number one in everyone’s list and has been a topic for another many-hours-long discussion. It has become the most popular free, open-source PHP framework in the world and its support of a large community and perfect documentation are the most acknowledged features; developers are in love with its fun process of building a Laravel application within a few minutes.

The graph below demonstrates the usage journey of Laravel from year 2011 to 2020 that shows the steep increase in using this framework or Laravel Development among various websites over the internet.

Reasons why Laravel being used:

  • Laravel facilitates Web Developersto easily empower the modules into the separate task with the package itself. Laravel executes and plans according to whatever a developer demands. Apart from seeing its work with seclusive highlights, one can also see that the syntax pattern of this framework is expressive and elegant.
  • Laravel allows developers to produce or create an API with a REST assortment for RESTFul controlling without putting any additional time and exertion.
  • With the continuous updates & features, Laravel is getting more powerful day by day.
  • When it comes to building B2B or enterprise websites that will evolve with changing web trends, web customers mostly prefer to Hire Laravel Developer.

  • It’s a feature-rich PHP framework that includes authentication, view template engine, routing, security, MVC architecture support, seamless data migration and many others.

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 #3 Yii

Yii (2010) is one of the fast and most secluded PHP frameworks used by thousands of developers worldwide as it facilitates the development of any web app. The launch of Yii 2.0 beta has started to gain the attention of developers with its bug fixes, changed features and new functionalities & more. The graph below demonstrates the usage journey of the Yii framework from the year 2011 to 2020, which shows the steep increase in using this framework among various websites over the internet.


Reasons why Yii Framework being used:

  • With the help of this Yii framework, one can customize nearly every piece of core’s code and is extremely extensible.
  • Yii has a massive community, and hiring a Yii developer would be a great choice facilitated with excellent speed and performance with its suitability for highly secure endeavours such as forums, CMS, portals, e-commerce and many others.
  • Yii lets developers avoid the complexity of writing repetitive SQL statements, as they can model the database data in terms of objects.
  • Yii has the most attractive features: automatic code generation, cross-site scripting, unit testing, cross-site request forgery, error handling, cookie tampering, and layered caching scheme.
  • Yii can accommodate the database data in terms of object and thus proves to be an absolute time-saver for developers by avoiding writing repetitive SQL statements.

#4 Symfony

Symfony (2005) has been popular for being well-documented, high performance and very stable for modular projects.

Symfony (2005) has been popular for being well-documented, high performance and very stable when it comes to modular projects. Laravel uses Symfony, and its standards make it easier to write high-quality code and catch errors. It has been one of the most preferred PHP frameworks to create websites and web applications, and it also defines MVC while many other frameworks follow MVC rules.

Since it has been integrated with bigger projects like Drupal and publish, it has been the perfect choice for developing large-scale enterprise projects.

The graph below demonstrates the usage journey of Symfony from the year 2011 to 2020, which shows the steep increase in using this framework among various websites over the internet

Reasons why Symfony Framework being used:

  • Symfony lets developers “do it all”, targets advanced developers and is a bit harder to start with.
  • Symfony is used for building both performances REST APIs, as well as fully fledged web applications because it’s documentation is extensive, and its community is just as vast.
  • It allows for integration with other vendor libraries, complies with most web best practices and design patterns, it’s stable and also boasts database engine–independence.

 #5 CakePHP

CakePHP (2006) follows MVC as its software design pattern. It has been efficient in reducing  the need for unwanted complicated files such as XML or YAML config files, supporting the rapid development of commercial web apps and is an ideal framework for beginners due to its CRUD (create, read, update and delete) framework.  And due to regular updates, this framework has been consistent in maintaining its popularity for various PHP developers.

Its security, validation, proper class inheritance, quick build, modern framework, etc., helped make an impressive portfolio comprising big brands, such as Express & BMW.

The graph below demonstrates the usage journey of CakePHP from the year 2011 to 2020, which shows the steep increase in using this framework among various websites over the internet.

 Reasons why CakePHP Framework being used:

  • It is used to develop apps that are highly reliable and scalable due to code generation and scaffolding functionalities.
  • To increase the speed of development & numerous packages to carry out general functionalities, it has built-in code generation with a scaffolding functionality.
  • It comes with absolute security features package that includes cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, input validation and SQL injection prevention.
  • CakePHP is easy to install and simple, as you only need a web server and a copy of the framework, whereas different web projects can use the same code snippet.

Is it hard to maintain PHP frameworks?

With PHP, code maintenance is not a problem. It is a server-side language and can handle the code easily. But tracking errors is an important part of PHP workflow.

If you use the right tools, you can easily detect the errors in your web application and solve them. Also, if you partner with the right web application development company, your PHP website maintenance is not an issue.

Why You Should Select Codeigniter Framework For Web Application Development?

If you are looking for an open-source framework for designing your website with PHP, then CodeIgniter Development can be the best option for you. It has been one of the most popular frameworks used by web developers these days. It is a reliable and budgeted toolkit that can be useful in creating excellent web designs. However, there are certain advantages of selecting CodeIgniter for the development of web solutions and here are some of the reasons due to which you shouldn’t wait to use CodeIgniter for the development of your website:

Before diving into technical steps, it is important to understand How Codeigniter Provides Unmatched Advantages To Web Developers?

We have already shared an article titled “How Codeigniter Is Providing Unmatched Advantages To Web Developers?” to help you understand the concept in detail.

Easy Customization

It comes with a simple configuration procedure along with easy customization options. The developer can complete the coding by using the various features of this framework. One can edit files, and then creating applications is quite easy according to your requirement. In this framework, the architecture divides into model view controller mode, and it allows you to manage the various applications without any effort. You can create clean codes without wasting much money, and that’s why it is a great PHP framework.

Fast Speed Execution

This PHP framework can easily work with fast speed, and that’s the reason due to which most web developers love it. This framework comes with fast execution timing when compared to other frameworks available in the market. It can do function execution faster, and you will need to type few codes to get the things executed in the best manner.

No Installation Required

Various PHP frameworks require to be installed at first, and then the only developer can use it effectively. It is one of the most famous scripting languages in the world at present. Most of the developers use it due to easy file uploading options and other attractive features. You can be saved from modifications and other time wasting packages because CodeIgniter would be there for you to make every development process easier. You won’t regret the decision of using this framework as it is quite easy to use.

Can Handle Errors

One of the main reasons to use CodeIgniter web development is that one can use it to write single line code without errors. You can look at the errors during writing code, which can help you rectify them without any difficulty. You can correct your errors without wasting a single minute, and this can be the ultimate way to carry out a smooth web development procedure. There are fewer chances that you will find errors after using this amazing PHP framework, which is why it is loved by web developers worldwide.

So, these were the main advantages of using CodeIgniter for the development of your website. Other than the benefits mentioned above, you can get the best template solutions along with easy documentation and a great user experience. Web developers love this PHP framework as it can help deliver quicker responses, and one can create excellent websites with its help. Widget is used.

Which PHP Framework Is Right For You?

You know how beneficial it is to use a PHP framework. However, from many options available, selecting the right one can be intimidating as each comes with its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, documentation and database support also varies from framework to framework.

Also, the ease-of-use, security, scalability, and many other factors govern the selection process. Understand your project thoroughly and specify the requirements to choose the best PHP framework for your project.

You can hire a web developer from F5 Buddy to streamline your website development process. The choice doesn’t depend on the most used PHP framework, but the right minds to develop the application and F5 Buddy brings the same.


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