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Role and Importance of JQuery In The Web Development

JQuery : It is a compact, swift and feature rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that runs across large number of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, JQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.

In other words, JavaScript is presented in a simplified form because of JQuery. It is rather comfortable to read.

Before beginning about the importance and Advantages of JQuery it is the foremost important thing to know what exactly JQuery is all about.

What is jQuery and why is it used?

JQuery is a device that provides Web Development Services with a great deal of adaptability and capacity. This is a library of JavaScript that guides the normalization and rearrangement of cooperation between HTML and JavaScript code components.

Because of its effortlessness and usability, jQuery is very popular with website developers.

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How Does it Work?

JQuery can be used in two ways.

Local installation − In this, you can download and include the jQuery library into your HTML code on your local computer.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Based Version: You can use the jQuery library directly from Content Delivery Network into your HTML code.

You can add jQuery on the local machine via the CDN or by downloading it.

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Important Uses of JQuery

1. Plugins:

A plug-in is a piece of code in a JavaScript standard file. These files provide useful jQuery methods that can be used with library methods from jQuery.

2.DOM Manipulation

The jQuery enabled the selection, negotiation, and modification of DOM-elements through the use of the Sizzle open-source cross-browser.

3. Animations and AJAX support

The jQuery features lots of integrated animation effects. You can also use AJAX technology to create a sensitive and featureful website.

4. Support for cross-browser

The JavaScript library that works on all browsers is currently the most popular jQuery library.

5. Ease of learning

JQuery needs no special criteria for learning and is very easy since it is based on a code short of JavaScript.

Advantages of JQuery

1.Easy to use:

It is easy and quick to use if we compare it with standard JavaScript and other libraries. It consists of simple syntax and also it requires less lines of code.

2.Huge Library:

It allows you to perform ample of functions as compared to other libraries.

3.Availability of plugins:

Numerous prewritten plugins are available to instantly zip up the development process. Another advantage behind this is the efficiency and security of the script.

4.Comprehensive tutorials:

The JQuery website has self-explanatory documentations and tutorials to draw an understanding in front of an absolute beginner of programming.

5.AJAX support:

It allows us to develop Ajax template easily, Ajax enables a sleeker interface where actions can be performed on pages without wanting the full page to be reloaded.


Deeds in all browsers and is the most popular JavaScript library currently being applied.

JQuery is your best choice if your project primarily involves a level of DOM manipulation, easier approach to Ajax, animation effects, hooks or events.

Though advantageous from various aspects, JQuery has some prominent disadvantages to feature as well. Here are some of the listed drawbacks of JQuery:

Limited Functionality – Some high level developers would find that JQuery has limited functionalities in offering.
JQuery JavaScript File Required – To run the JQuery commands, you need JQuery JavaScript file. However, it is a small file, merely around 250 to 300 KM.

Analyzing both advantages and shortcomings, it has to be concluded that JQuery is an advanced Java Script library, which is developed for the modern or new generation programmers.

HTML5 + JQuery : Replacement Of Flash, Java, Silverlight etc.

Since decades, Hyper Text Markup Language holds the top position amongst the most favorite for web planning, web improvement and web provision improvement. Various software and web development companies around the world are still depend on HTML for development and designing of flexible websites and web application.

HTML5 includes details of modifying dialects like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It provides designers all the properties required for creating next generation websites and mobile applications. Improved markup, enhanced capabilities and latest JavaScript APIs comes up with HTML5 that helps in designing of new apps.

Before Initiating The Advantage Of HTML5 + JQuery Its Mandatory To Know What Is Flash?

Flash is a software used to add animation to webpages. Millions of websites are using Flash. However, there are certain issues with Flash that are unaddressed. These are overcome by the combination of HTML5 and jQuery.

Advantages Of HTML5 + JQuery Over Flash, Java, Silverlight

Animation loads faster as compared to Flash: No additional plugins are required unlike in Flash, Silverlight as 99% of browsers support JavaScript.

Easy Creation: To create advanced effect in Flash, a programmer should have good knowledge in script. However, jQuery carries a lot of advanced plugins so that even beginner level programmers can download and use them easily for their web applications.

Better Mobile effect: Better adaptation to mobile platforms as compare to Flash or Silverlight. In fact, many popular mobile operating systems and browsers are yet to support Flash animations. Mobile devices have limited resources; therefore they can’t afford to support those technologies where consumption of resources is more. This is the main reason of using HTML5 and jQuery.

Abundant plugins and updated constantly: There are ample of plugins under animation category. You can browse and choose a plugin that precisely meet your requirement. Moreover, plugins are constantly updated to match new advancements in operating systems and browsers.

JQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized JavaScript framework that allows developers to create applications for smartphones and tablet devices which is necessary for their growth. jQuery Mobile framework is reconcilable with other frameworks like PhoneGap, Worklight etc.

CSS3 and HTML5 have authority to build mobile web apps using a single codebase. jQuery Mobile comes brings a huge variety of themes and plugins which brings enhanced experience for users on varies mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones and other devices.

Characteristics Of JQM

  • HTML5 is used for fast development and minimum use of scripting language.
  • Adherent to major mobile platforms and browsers like IOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows etc.
  • Minimum learning curve and syntax for users.
  • Light weighted which ultimately optimizes speed.
  • Core content and functionalities to all mobile devices like tabs and smartphones are brought to all mobile by progressive enhancement approach.
  • On newer mobile platform experienced rich, installed application like feature.
  • Initialization is done automatically with the help of HTML5. The data role attributes in HTML5 pitch all jQuery Mobile widgets found on the page.
  • To ensure that the pages work for screen readers and other supportive tools few accessibility tools such as WAI-ARIA are also included.
  • The process of supporting touch, black eye and cursor focus-based user input method using a simple API.
  • It allows customization of colors and some CSS aspects of user interface features that brings highly identify experiences.
  • New plugins which enhances control with touch-optimized, theme able control.
  • Creation of themes can be done by using 26 unique color swatches, which consists of a header bar, body and button states.
  • Coruscating visual experience and application of swatches is simple and easy.
  • For cross platform mobile experiences touch- optimized user interface

JQuery provides a user-friendly environment to complete the things with ease. It plays a vital role for a Web Developer. These few characteristics of JQuery making it popular among all.

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