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Features & Benefits of Shopify for E-commerce Website Development

The digital world is growing at a rapid pace and so the e-commerce websites. Have you ever thought of buying online a decade ago?

Your answer will be no and why not, the last decade has been a blessing for the internet industry. The industry has a sales revenue of over three trillion until 2020 and expected to be 4.5 trillion until 2022. Thinking about the online purchase was a dream a decade ago. This growth is good for the merchants planning or doing online sales, it also increases room for the delivery services in the market.

Shopify is one of the leading content Management Systems in the world when it comes to e-commerce. Shopify provides the users with a variety of tools that help to run and set your business online. It gives excellent site performance to keep it attractive for the prospect customers or visitors. It is also known as Shopify CMS,  which is an overall fully loaded e-commerce hosting website at a reasonable price.

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  1. Numerous Product & Bandwidth
  2. Mobile Ready E-commerce Websites
  3. Search Engine Optimised
  4. Point of sale
  5. Languages
  6. Discount codes
  7. Abandoned Cart Recovery
  8. Security
  9. Reports
  10. Social media integration
  11. Staff accounts
  12. Multiple channel selling
  13. 100+ payment gateways

1.Numerous Product & Bandwidth

Merchant has a variety of products to sell and list online, Shopify provides unlimited product listing and selling to the merchants for their overall business growth. That is its USP(unique selling proposition), and Shopify has done well to maintain it. Shopify simplifies the product variations of the merchant to work faster and hassle-free. The benefit of Shopify is that it gives an opportunity to the business with a variety of products to sell online.

2.Mobile Ready E-commerce Websites

The website should have a responsive design so that it can gain more and more traffic of potential online buyers. The mobile is being used as a primary web surfing device nowadays and so the website should be mobile friendly to give users the ultimate surfing experience. Mobile ready e-commerce websites is easy to use for customers and if merchants want to sell it on mobile application that it becomes convenient for the merchant.

3.Search Engine Optimised

The digital competition is heating up, to conquer this search engine optimisation is to be used to the fullest. Shopify CRM is an e-commerce website management and development system that is SEO optimisation friendly, by using different tools and techniques of search engine optimisation a company can increase its customer reach. The more optimised the website the more it will generate traffic, it was stated in a report that 85% of people click on the first website while searching, and 97% of people click any one in the top 10.

4.Point of sale

Point of sale is a place where retail transactions takes place, Shopify CRM provides point of selling facility to the merchants to make things easy for them. This e-commerce website feature makes Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms.


Shopify CRM facilitates more than 50 languages, that creates the market bigger for the merchant to sell. Bigger markets will lead to more traffic and ultimately results in high sales and revenue.

6.Discount codes

Its a psychological thing that shoppers get attracted to discounts and offers, add this e-commerce website feature with Shopify CRM as it can help you to build your customer base and attract them to purchase. Following are some types:

  • Welcome discount codes.
  • Social media discount codes.
  • Partners discount coupon codes.

7.Abandoned Cart Recovery

ACR is automation of emails sent to the customers who dont complete the cart process and leave. The merchant can also send discount coupons to the customers so that they can come to the process of buying the product. This is a good way to get the customers back to the website and let them complete their purchase through offers.


SSL is a security protocol that creates a safe connection between the server and browser. Shopify CRM uses 256- bit SSL to secure the customers and merchants from any payment frauds and irregularities. Online business cannot become successful without a strong security platform, and Shopify provides them with that.


The Shopify provides the merchant with valuable sales information that can help them in data analysis and interpretations. The customers buying trends help the merchant to plan future strategies for its e-commerce business and can take early mover advantage with Shopify includes:

  • Customer purchase and visiting pattern
  • First v/s repeat customers
  • Country specific customers
  • Category wise bifurcation

10.Social media integration

E-commerce sales generates its traffic from social media and digital media advertisements, Shopify CRM includes social media integration to optimise the merchants e-commerce sales and increase traffic of potential customers. Social media promotions and sharing is growing rapidly for brand building and online selling, merchants can use it in their favour through Shopify CRM.

11.Staff accounts

Shopify CRM staff account allows the staff to complete the basic tasks without any interference in sensitive data of the merchant. This e-commerce website feature is crucial to hide sensitive data and let that staff work.The staff accounts also let the merchant see the changes made by easy staff member.

12.Multiple channel selling

Dont just restrict yourself with e-commerce website sale, as there are other channels one can opt for selling the products. Shopify CRM encourages you to use other potential channels to increase sales and customer base, more channels will increase visibility of the products to numerous potential customers.

13.100+ payment gateways

Blown up!! Why not we merely know 3-5 payment gateways, but Shopify CRM supports more than 100 payment gateways. Shopify comes with inbuilt payment gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay, amazon pay etc. Shopify integrates other payment gateways and currencies quite conveniently.

These were some e-commerce website features one must know before opting for Shopify e-commerce content management system. The customer service of Shopify CRM is very fast and convenient, they are supportive with merchants and visitors both. The e-commerce websites are tricky to handle as they directly influence the customers to buy the product.  If you want to have an attractive, fast and elegant successful ecommerce stores with Shopify Development Services, then get in touch with F5 Buddy at the earliest.

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