The Beginner’s Guide to Shopify

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Shopify allows designers and developers to build beautiful ecommerce solutions for business owners around the world. Whether you are selling products or services, Shopify is the best e-commerce solution to consider.

Now a day, Shopify is the most popular choice among the customers to set up their online store.
Signing up with Shopify and starting your store has become easier and they even offer a 14-day free trial to get you going.

To launch your Shopify store, you must sign up for an account.

Sign Up with Shopify

1. Visit Shopify.com. Use the signup form to create an account.

2. Go to the top right corner to get started.

3. Here it says start your Free 14 Days trial which is great because you can actually get a feel for Shopify before you actually start to spend any money.

Now you gonna to enter in an Email Address and then a Password of your choice and then Store Name. Just to clarify you’re store name is going to be of your choice. Your store name needs to be unique or Shopify will ask you to choose something else.

Click Create Your Store.

4. After this initial screen, you’ll be asked for a few more details, including your name, address, country and a contact number.

Start Your Online Shop

After you’ve signed up you’ll be directed straight to your store admin screen. Now you are ready to start customizing your store, uploading products and setting up payments and shipping.

Choose a “Theme” and a “Layout”

Shopify has its own official theme store. These themes are all guaranteed to have full support from the designers.

1. Browse the Theme Store

a) Click on the Online Store

b) See in the left side of page, there are some options.

First is Current Theme. Your theme is what your customers see when they come to your online store, so it’s your layout.

Second Option is More Themes, in this section if you want to upload your custom theme than you can click on the Upload Themes button From the Upload theme window, click Choose File to select the .zip file that you want to upload.

Free themes are developed by Shopify. To add a free theme from the admin:

In the Free themes section near the bottom of the page, click Explore free themes. A window that shows all of the free themes will appear.

Click the Add button for the theme. The theme will be added to the Themes page of your admin.

2. Edit Shopify Settings

a) From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

b) Find the theme that you want to edit and click Customize.

c) Different types of pages have different theme sections. When you first open the theme editor, the settings for the home page are shown. To access the settings for other pages, select the page type from the top bar drop-down menu.

d) The theme editor toolbar is divided into Sections and Theme settings.

You can use sections to modify the content and layout of the different pages on your store. You can use theme settings to customize your stores font’s colors, logo, and make changes to your social media links and checkout settings.

Click YouTube link to learn more about Shopify installation.

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