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Customized CRM

Customer Relationship Management is abbreviated as CRM. It is a system which is used to synergies between existing and succeeding employee. Customized CRM is the qualified shape of CRM, involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize Sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Objectives of CRM
  • To simplify marketing and sales process.
  • To make call centres more efficient.
  • To provide better customer service.
  • To discover new customers and increase customer revenue.
  • To cross sell products more effectively.

Main Areas of CRM
  • Marketing: This is the first phase it run campaigns, execution of leads take place and also it help in maintenance of database.
  • Sales: Collecting leads and managing them are the initial stages in the sales process.Once the leads are collected, it is essential to manage them and follow them up until the leads qualify to prospective customers. The sales department’s approach in managing leads can significantly impact the success of an organization.
  • Orders: In this phase deliverables are delivered as per the requirements.In this phase working on the payment procedure takes place. In this regard an Invoice plays a significant role, which is important for both Sales and Accounting purposes. An invoice is a card issued by the vendor to the customer along with the goods or services shipment.
  • Customer Service: These systems can track customer analysis by customer clicks and sales. CRM is used include call centres, heavily used in social media, direct mail, data storage files, banks, and customer data queries.
Benefits of CRM
  • Decrease cost of client acquisition: The information enables companies to correctly identify their target audience and to focus all of the merchandising efforts on that peculiar group of citizenry.
  • Increase the average sale amount: Analyses customer service practices and can be utilized to meticulous shortcomings and areas that require improvement.
  • Increase operational efficiencies: Employees can access important information instantlyand operations can be automated.
  • Better and more precise information: Analytics and reporting allows the gross revenue, merchandising and customer service teams to act in concert and present improvements.
  • Data Security: Not exclusively does a CRM manage your data, but security allows you to control who receives access to certain data and characteristics.

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