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From A to Z- PHP Framework : Zend

If you have been going back and forth about the choice of framework for your next project, here is an exhaustive view of the Zend Framework– one of the potential choices- which will help you make an informed decision. With about 184 million installations in a large open source community, Zend Framework is an extensive collection of PHP Packages.

It is a completely object-oriented development platform used for advanced Web Application Development using PHP 5.6 version or later. The framework is itself implemented in PHP 5 with an aim to ease out the development of the Web 2.0 applications and services.

Why Zend Framework ?

If you need one reason to believe in the power of Zend Development, we will give you eight

1. Quick Development using available features

Most of the features that would otherwise custom build to use in your project are already available in the Zend PHP Framework. This leads to speeding up of the process of project development.

Also, the Zend Framework allows a lot of Inheritance and Interfaces, so that the users can tweak the existing classes and tailor-make them for their needs.

2. Essential Tips

A comprehensive tool in the Zend Framework that allows developers an access to vital information as they code their applications. All the tips come handy when only you have learnt how to navigate through the document. This is the most helpful of all the Zend Framework benefits.

3. Re-usability of code

Object orientation is the most powerful of Zend features and leads to the heavenly satisfaction of reusing pre-existing or previously developed code in other modules or projects. No rewriting the same chunk of code twice. Whew!

4. Zend is a glue framework

More often than not, developers will find themselves using the MVC components of Zend to create a full-fledged project, but if that is not the need, only the required components can be loaded. The decoupled nature of the Zend framework renders its users able to employ the specific components in the form of libraries and not the framework as a whole, to be applied as a glue to their projects using another framework.

5. It provides you with a LOT

The Zend framework provides a great many numbers of components. Use the Zend_Auth for authentication, Zend_Acl to control access to your resources, Zend_Feed for reading an RSS Feed, and so on. Seems as if the services it has readymade for you to use are inexhaustible.

6. Easily blends into other libraries

Zend allows for seamless integrations of other useful libraries into its projects and also blends equally well into other frameworks.

7. Test-Driven development

This technique requires a programmer to write the test scenarios for the functionality he is about to code before he writes the code itself. This practice enables the developer to think the function through, creates a list of the possible inputs and outputs, leads to ease in refactor of code, renders the code understandable by someone else.

8. Standards and Guidelines

The contributor guide of the Zend framework requires the contributors of the code or documentation to sign a Contributor License Agreement(CLA), ensures that the code is covered by a unit test using PHPUnit, and promises that the code is according to the highest coding standards. This means the code that you are using is top-notch in quality.

All the exceptional features of the Zend Framework only become useful when the development is placed in proficient hands. The competency of the company you hire for your application requirements can go a long way in deciding the success of the project.

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