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Believing These 6 Myths About Magento Keeps You From Growing

Magento is one of the leading ecommerce Website Development platforms that have gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. It stands out to be one of the best Ecommerce platforms today, as it promotes faster growth of ecommerce Websites. Let’s understand Magento :-

  • This open-source php-based platform was established in 2008 by Varien
  • It is written in PHP and its flexibility makes it one of the best platforms for Ecommerce Website Development.
  • It is an open-source platform thus; it provides cost effectiveness to its users.
  • It has gained tremendous popularity in the world due to its unique features.

Everyone has probably heard a lot of things about Magento, its features etc. Some of the undeniable official facts about magento are :

  • Presently Magento has more than 125,000 devoted users
  • More than 4 million downloads from the official website has been already made
  • eBay, one of the famous corporations has made investment in Magento getting 49% ownership share

As, we all know the more popular a platform is, the more it is talked about and this opens doors for misconceptions. The same, you have probably heard lots of things about Magento. It brings various myths with itself, on one hand users find magento satisfying with its rich functionality and powerful modular system, while on other, some finds it difficult in management.

Through this blog, F5 Buddy- a Website Design and Development Company is trying to uncover some of the top myths for Magento Website Development that help users to understand this platform in better ways.

Let’s Start with Some of the Top Magento  Website Development Myths That You Need To Know:-

    1. Magento is Slower than Other Platforms
      The most famous myth about Magento is it is slower that the other platforms, which is not true. Instead, it is a light weight and requires dedicated server. Wrongly performed practices during the implementation of the websites make it slower.choosing an appropriate light weight template for the website and hosting it on a dedicated server with the desired location can make Magento work faster, better, and can yield your business with exceptional results . One can disable the unnecessary modules or the less important ones for better results.Further, by disabling layered navigation, unnecessary elements and use of optimized images, can make your website perform well.

Magento is Slower than Other Platforms

    1. It is Absolutely Free Platform
      A lot of people understand that being open source means “being free”. They think Magento is an absolutely free ecommerce platform to develop an ecommerce website, and when they ome across with the pricing page on the official website of the Magento, they often consider it as a fraud.No doubt that Magento is developed for simplifying the ecommerce development and keeps itself as an open-source. But it also has a paid version known as the Enterprise version that if wants to go big for the business he has to pay for it. Even if people keep using the free version, they will have to invest in purchasing the best theme, extensions, premium features and other tools that can turn website into a competitive beast.

It is Absolutely Free Platform

    1. It Compromises Quality World’s some of the most reputed and famous online stores are built on Magento platform, therefore those who trust that Magento compromises quality is really not a true fact.However, it might be possible that the company or professionals one chooses or hires to get their website developed, compromise it with their efforts. To receive quality work, one needs to hire quality professionals who can deliver quality services.Nothing could be far from the truth as the Magento platform is designed enough to deal with and fulfill every sort of requirements that can lead one to have a great eCommerce site.

It Compromises Quality

    1. Limited Customer Support Well, One cannot say that Magento provides limited customer support or provide support to limited customers. The support one receives from the community is depend on the plan they select.For example, if people have the Magento community edition for their work then they have to rely on the support offered by community members in online forums.
      Magento now days has gained huge recognition and admiration when it comes to provide customer support and most of the users find no difficulty in searching and  finding answers to their queries.Besides this, if users want to experience valuable support in future from the professionals then it is better to go with paid editions. No doubt, that you will receive 24/7 quality assistance on various issues.

Limited Customer Support

    1. It is Especially for Big Businesses One of the most popular myths that are trending in the market is that the Magneto Website Development is especially or only for large scale businesses which is again not true.If people have the vision to enlarge their horizon on the global platform and have already started making important efforts in that direction then choosing magento will help them a lot. One can find all the necessary support and elements from the magento community for their online business.Therefore, Magento has nothing to do with the size of the business firms; its purpose is to serve every business organizations that required its help without getting biased.

It is Especially for Big Businesses

    1. Using Magento offers Great SEO Results Magento is great for SEO. Well, not completely but partially true. One cannot deny the fact that Magento provides one of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results but it is only worth using if you understand the importance of SEO. But It is often seen that people think using Magento for website development can do all the work and they overlook the importance of onpage and offpage SEO techniques.

Using Magento offers Great SEO Results


F5 Buddy- Website Design and Development Company hopes the above mentioned points will help you to debunk various myths about Magento. And Now that you know truths about Magento you can rely on yourself to decide whether the platform is suitable for you online business or not.

Further, if you want to receive higher conversion rates and to be Google’s favorite then it is great to hire a Magento Development Company or Professional Magento Developer. To get more info contact us.

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