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The 5 – Minute WordPress Installation Process

One of the features that separate WordPress from its counterparts is the ease with which it can be installed. It is a very simple process and would hardly consume a couple of minutes’ time to complete. Moreover, there are some tools available which can do the installation job for you. In case, you want to take care of the installation task all on your own, then this short guide will take you through the process.

 Things to have before beginning the installation process:

  • Access to web server
  • A Text Editor
  • FTP Client
  • Web Browser

Things to do before installation:

  • Meet minimum WP requirements
  • Download latest WordPress version
  • Unzip the downloaded file to hard drive
  • Have a secure password for Secret Key in place


The 5 – Minute Installation Process:

  • Download and unzip the WP package
  • Create a database for WP on your web server and MySQL
  • Upload the files to the location of your choice on your web server
  • Run the installation script by visiting the URL on your browser


Detailed Installation Process:

Step 1: Download and Extract the package from

  • If you want to upload WP to a remote web server, then download the package and unzip it
  • People who have shell access to web server can download WP directly to their web servers using wget or lynx
  • Unzip the package with the help of: tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz

 Step 2: Create the database and a user

  • Using C-Panel (If you are using a hosting provider):
  • Log in to your cPanel
  • Click MySQL Database Wizard and create one by entering the name
  • Create database users by providing a user name and a strong password
  • Add users to it and note down the values of hostname, username, database name and password for future reference
  • Using’s custom cPanel
  • Go to Control Panel and then click ‘Go to LPCP’
  • Then go to MySQL manager and provide a user and database name
  • Note down the IP address of the database
  • If you wish to modify the WP-CONFIG.PHP file, use the DB IP number
  • Make sure that you use full user and database name during the process
  • Visit for more info
  • Using phpMyAdmin (If you are installing WP on your own web server)
  1. If no database exists in the Database dropdown, then create one
  2. Go to Privileges and create a user related to WP by providing a user name and strong password
  3. Return to the Privileges screen and go to the Check Privileges section
  4. Select the recently created database for WP
  5. Click check all and click Go
  • Using MySQL Client: Create a user and database using MySQL from the shell

 Step 3: Set up wp-config.php

  • You can simply skip the step let WP take care of it by simply providing your database information

Step 4: Upload the Files – This step would require you to decide the location of your WP powered site on your domain

  • The first option is the root directory of your website
  • The second option is the subdirectory of your website

 Step 5: Run the Install Script

 Step 6: Setup configuration file

  • Provide the database details and write them to a new wp-config.php file. In case, WP is not able to locate to file, then it will simply offer the option of creating and editing the file itself
  • If it locates the file, you can go ahead and complete the installation process.

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