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WordPress News Editor Gutenberg: Main Features

Long since WordPress was released, it has changed a lot to help its wide-growing users in different ways. But one thing that remained unchanged for years was its classic WordPress News Editor. Recently, we received an update with the introduction to the all-new WordPress News Editor Gutenberg.

As a WordPress Developer, you would like to know more about this new update. Let us jump into the details of the new features it has to offer and how we can implement those features while editing our project.

Is It Worth Updating?

When it comes to website building, there are so many options, such as Squarespace and Wix, which offer an intuitive editor to help you even more. On the other hand, the Classic WordPress News Editor lacks many functionalities that drive certain users towards plugins to enhance the editor functionalities to meet their needs. With Gutenberg out there, all your such needs are taken care of. Also, it’s simpler from the user’s point of view in terms of UI and UX. Added to that, it is built upon a modern technology stack and designer to offer compatibility.

How Can Gutenberg Help A WordPress Web Developer?

The Plugin Comes With A Lot Of Basic And Advanced Features That Eases Your WordPress Development Process.

  • Easier Editing: The plugin comes with a new standard editor to create pages, posts, and other content.
  • Blocks: Offers various Blocks with easy navigation to help you keep your content organized. These Blocks are categorized in certain sections for ease of access. A few of the important block selections include Paragraph, Heading, Subheading, Quote, Image, Gallery, Cover Image, Video, Audio, Columns, FIle, Code, Buttons and many more. With so many options available, WordPress development has become even easier and more fun to work on.
  • Advanced formatting: The editor comes with advanced formatting options to help you control your website’s layout without any actual coding.
  • Drop Cap: This new feature of Gutenberghelps you design the beginning of sections or pages with a large starting letter that drops below the first line to give an extra impact.
  • Working with Colors: Now it’s easier to change background and font colors to accommodate your needs. This option is located in the right pane of the editor. Although it is limited for now, we hope to see better implementation shortly.
  • Easier Permalink Editing: Unlike the classic WordPress news editor, you need not get into Yoast SEO settings to edit permalinks. It is readily available in the Right Section of the Guttenberg.
  • Widgets with Gutenberg: Adding widgets in your posts has never been easier before. With just a few clicks, you can add the shortcode, comments, categories, and archives.
  • Simpler Video URLs: Within the Document Meta box, you can easily edit video URLs for your posts.
  • Document Outline and Content Structure: The editor comes with this great feature to help the WordPress Developeranalyze the page on different terms such as block counts, words count and the number of headings. It can be helpful in SEO planning as well as different elements are easily visible.
  • Different types of Blocks and Views enable better WordPress Development. We now have Top toolbar, Spotlight mode, and Fullscreen mode to offer different view aspects.
  • Yoast SEO : Accessing and controlling Yoast is much easier. As a WordPress developer, it is important to control and optimize the SEO of our website.

The Gutenberg editor aims to enhance the major functionalities of the WordPress Platform. Although it may have some drawbacks, we hope to see even more refined features in the coming future. But as of now, it is receiving positive responses with minor criticism amongst the WordPress Developers community.


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