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Important WordPress Website Maintenance Areas

As a business owner using wordpress for your business provides you ultimate benefits like, a complete control over the site, extended functionalities etc. Most of the website owners hire Professional WordPress Developers for the Website Development but forget to pay attention about WordPress Website Maintenance.

However, maintaining a website is equally important to its development. The real work of a website actually begins when it gets live.

By maintaining your website properly you can avoid variety of potential problems, such as slow loading speed, decreased search engine rankings, low security issues etc.

In this blog we have explained the most important areas of the website that need to be maintained.

Important Maintenance Areas To Consider

A proper maintenance routine for your wordpress website will include the following areas:

  • Backups for your website
  • Maintaining updates
  • Processing comments
  • Website Security
  • Keeping track of website health
  • Optimizing your database

1. Backups

Backups are very important when it comes to maintain the website. They ensure a long-term health of the website by eliminating the risk of losing the recent data and updates. Best solutions for backups come in two ways :-

Automatic Backup Options
Optimizing your website to automatic backups can help you to ensure that your website is functioning properly. You can choose backup machines or plugins that can backup automatically and send your data to a remote location. You can have multiple options to choose from when picking a backup system. Below you’ll find some of the most popular.

Selecting a Plugin:- There are number of WordPress plugins available in the market that can help website owners to automate and simplify the complete backup process. Plugins you choose can be free or paid, some of the paid plugins are :-

  1. BackupBuddy
  2. blogVault
  3. CodeGuard
  4. Snapshot

You can also choose the free alternative, some of the free high-quality plugins, include :

  1. UpdraftPlus
  2. BackWPup Free
  3. BackUpWordPress


2. Hiring a good Web Host

Many of the web host providers offer options to get regularly scheduled backups for the website. That is something to explore within cPanel, or checking over your original website hosting agreement whether the regular backups are included in your plan or not.


3. WordPress Updates

WordPress software releases updates on a regular basis that need to be installed and applied to the website. Regular installation of these updates helps your website to function properly.

The procedure includes installation of wordpress core updates with plugins and themes. When installing the wordpress updates, upgrade wordPress core, theme and then plugins to avoid conflict between theme and plugin.

Core updates – WordPress from time to time releases its own core updates, but it is always good to check the website afterward, to make sure that nothing has been corrupted, stopped working or became non-operational.

Theme updates –Themes and frameworks should also get verified after installing and updating the latest wordpress version, just like core updates.

Plugin updates – Plugins may get broken after updates, so it is important to get them verified after any type of update.If your website has more than one plugin, make sure you update one at a time so that you know which plugin needs to get fixed.


4. Comments and Spam

Comment spam is an annoying part of online world. It generally comes in the form of substandard comments that are posted on your blogs or articles just to build backlinks. These comments don’t relate to your blog post or article and add no value to it.The right way to deal comment spam is to end it before it strikes.

Following these two ways can help you to avoid wordpress comment spam

1. Use Anti-spam Plugins :-
Anti-spam plugins are easy to install and use. They automatically block spam in comments by being invisible for users and admins. There are number of solutions available in the form of anti-spam WordPress plugins. To enjoy hassle-free control on comments you can select any one of them.

Some of the simplest WordPress plugins are:-

Akismet is a powerful plugin thatcomes free up to 50,000 spam checks per month for non profits and personal blogs users. Commercial users can easily subscribe it by paying $5/month. This plugin has a self-learning spam detection algorithm and also lets you put your comments on Akismet server.


Antispam Bee
Antispam Bee comes free for everyone and is super smart. It blocks comments from blacklisted IP addresses, countries etc, takes care of trackback validation, database optimization.

2. Disable Comments :-

Instead of using anti-spam plugins you can choose another option that is to disable comments from the website. One can do this by simply installing a plugin called Disable Comments.

Navigate to Plugins > Disable Comments and select whatsoever setting suits your requirements.

However, ensure you actually want to disable comments from your website before running this plugin.


5. Website Health and Security

To keep your wordpress website secure and healthy means to keep it safe from attackers while maintaining all W3C website standards. Online tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools help you to check comprehensive website metrics; so that you can know which parts of the website are performing great and which are not. By checking the website regularly you will be able to avoid
some basic website health problems like excessive website downtime, slow loading pages and broken links etc.

Another important aspect is website security. The entire security precautions you use for the website can determine your course of action. Most of the website owners use plugin option for maintaining high quality security.

Some of the important plugins are:-


6. Optimizing and Maintaining Your Database

Updating your website regularly can make your database grow larger over time. A large database can affect your website’s performance make your server slow by taking extra time to retrieve information. All these reasons make database optimization important.

You can improve your database efficiency by optimizing your database. The simplest way to optimize your database is to use  WordPress pluggins for the entire process. You can choose any of the plugins below to maintain and optimize your database.

  • WP DBManager
  • WP Sweep
  • WP-Optimize
  • WP Clean Up



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