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WordPress Plugin for Image optimization

There are various factors which can impact your loading times, and using high-resolution pictures is one of them. Majority of us have experienced what it’s like to navigate through a site full of pictures that take forever to load – an experience made much more frustrating if you’ve been using the internet long enough to remember when speeds weren’t quite so snappy.

Nowadays, the average fixed net connection can easily deal with high-resolution images, but smart phone usage is rapidly increasing, and mobile connections aren’t almost as reliable. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the Word Press image optimization plugins that you can use during Word Press Website Development to ensure your website loads quickly!!

  • WP Smush.it

This plugin makes you able to compress .jpeg, .gif and .png images, using dedicated servers. The free edition of this permit you to compress pictures which are sized <1mb, while the pro edition can compress pictures up to <5mb without changing picture quality.

  • PB Responsive Images

This plugin takes the style of responsive text, and apply it to images. You are capable to make images look great on various screen sizes. It reformats your images to feel responsive, and it enhances the overall quality of your site.

  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Instead of approaching third party server for your request, you can run this plugin on your own server. It has certainly the best .jpg and .png optimization, which integrates JPEGmini. It may also locate the smallest file format for images to be converted to. Moreover to this, you’re capable to optimize pictures individually or in bulk. These matters will make your page load rapid, and backups will be gentle.

  • Hammy

This plugin uses your website’s images and reformates them in to smaller size. The size of the images depends on your content width, as the plugin dynamically changes it. This plugin is exceptionally useful, as it offers an enhanced experience on various screen sizes.

  • Media File Renamer

This plugin permits you to rename your pictures by updating their titles. It automatically converts links in your posts without any hassle. If used in conjunction with appropriate keywords, your SEO will be improved a lot.

F5 Buddy offers various plugin creation and integration services that suits best to your requirements. Contact us for the excellent Word Press Plugin Creation and customization services.

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