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WooCommerce Vs WP eCommerce – Which Plugin is Best Suited For Your Online Store

Are you planning to build an online store? Are you finding it arduous to pick the ideal eCommerce plugin for your store? Well, you are not alone. The technology is improving day by day so the methods are. The upgradation in technology is really giving a tough competition to the WordPress plugins making it difficult for everyone to go for the fair choice.

Selecting the right eCommerce plugin is a prominent deal for any business because the better the platform is the better will be the chances of growth. So, while dealing with the best plugins have you ever heard about the WooCoomerce and WP eCommerce? Since WooCommerce is the most popular plugin, WP eCommerce is called one of the most used WooCommerce alternatives. No doubt, both plugins are power bunch as a whole when it comes to features and is quite popular. There are a certain number of WooCommerce Website Development companies which provides budget-friendly eCommerce website to their clients. But if you are considering both WooCommerce and WP eCommerce how will you decide which one will function better for your project? So, here’s an ultimate guide detailing about the two plugins.

How can you Compare WooCommerce and WP eCommerce?

WooCommerce is a popular yet powerful plugin for WordPress that offers all the peculiarities and attributes you demand from an e-commerce solution. Furthermore, it also helps you creating, and managing a WordPress – based e-commerce store. While working with this plugin you can easily sell the digital downloads including music, ebooks etc.

WP eCommerce, on the other hand, is the robust plugin and is absolutely free of charge. Install the plugin and you are all free to do the online mechanisms easily.

Which is Better –

Every online store demands different things, and each store manager looks out for the best functioning. So there are a number of companies which offers WooCommerce development services to turnaround your dull online store into the interesting one. While there are a number of plugins that attracts the users with enticing features, WooCommerce is accepted, and solidly reliable.

Payment Gateways of WooCommerce and WP eCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to undertake all the transactions done from credit cards viz. Discover, Diners Club, Visa and many more. And to surprise, your funds get deposited automatically, into your bank account in a day or two.

WP eCommerce comprises of LinkPoint and Some of its plugins give access to more than 100 options for payment process. In addition, it has personal plugins for SIM, Stripe and much more.

When compared –

Tracking the site’s analytics is a prominent way to check where your end users live so that you can modify a better plan for the payment gateways to be used for business. WooComerce offers more than 130 official extensions including Amazon payments, Stripe and more.

When comparing the two, WooCoomerce differs in unique ways in payment options. In fact, it can also determine the shipping and taxes.

How the Two Are Compatible in Terms of Plugins?

WooCommerce upholds a plugin that is tremendously compatible with WordPress. Just after the installation of the plugin, you can modify your site into an online store with excellent features. With WooThemes the plugin rewards you with the intuitive interface, API, and representational state transfer, which provides the merchants a great way to meet the shipping demands. Selling online is not a big deal now and all credit goes to WooCommerce website development which benefits you with both design and development.

WP eCommerce offers you a strong support for WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin). It also integrates with WordPress multisite and allows you to extend the eCommerce site with additional modules.

How WooCoomerce Differs –

WooCommerce allows you trade anything in very subtle manner; it is preferred eCommerce solution, that proffers both developers and site owner a complete control over things.

Pros of Using WooCommerce Over WP eCommerce

  • According to the stats and market share, the competitive of WooCommerce is greater when set to other plugins. More than 95% of WordPress e-commerce websites use WooCoommerce plugin, while WPeCommerce is much older and is not a choice for the future developers.
  • WooCommerce is preferred for large online stores as it makes the easy addition of the external or affiliate products on the site, WPeCommerce is usually not recommended for large stores.
  • WooCommerce comes upgraded with a number of tools to manage the inventory with the store manager, and also allows built-in support for many payment gateways and can easily calculate the shipping and taxes. WPeCommerce is an older plugin and doesn’t offer many-upgraded versions for the new developing sites.
Verdict –

Both WooCommerce and WP eCommerce are best in their own way, it totally depends on the choices, budget, and preferences how you want your online store to be worked. While going on the front end, WooCommerce, provides out of the box, knacks such as good selection of sidebar widgets like recently watched products, best products so far etc. WooCoomerce development is a good choice to develop, maintain and manage the online store. It is the easiest and customizable platform for building an online business.

Now, that you have acknowledged the differences between the two, what you are waiting for, call the best WooCommerce development company and avail the services offered by them.

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