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Why you Should Always Use the Latest Version of WordPress?

Are you still using the old version of WordPress? If so, then immediately stop working on it as that platform might not be safe. You never know when the hackers would call out your website for their benefit because the free and open-source platforms are easier to access.

As far as the technology is concerned, every day you get the opportunity to try your hands on the newly released platform and applications. But when you receive continuous emails to update the WordPress, it’s high time that you should check on the latest version of WordPress released, right away.

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is the most popular platform and the home for millions of websites. However, its popularity makes it a gripping destination for data thieves and malicious code insertion. Even the experienced WordPress Developers while working on the website missed out on some illegal actions append by the hackers. Security is the main concern, therefore, it is important to use the newly released version of WordPress for any website.

How the Latest Version of WordPress Keeps Your Website ‘Out of Danger’

  1. It Keeps Your Website Secure

You will be surprised to know that nearly 30% of the top 8 million websites on the internet are created on WordPress. So it is obvious, those bad hackers will definitely try to read the source code and anyhow would find a way to enter your website. They not only just pass through code instead; they also change and control the plugins for WordPress (in some cases).

Do you want your website to become a victim of hackers? No, then update the WordPress latest version to make your already installed themes and plugins more secure.

  1. Attracting New Features

Every release of WordPress comes with some changes in the software. The new features added in the WordPress latest version, enhance the working experience and also help in managing the website in a much systematic way. For instance, WordPress 4.0 was released with new plugin install experience; the later version, i.e. 4.1 came with editing and inline image option and 4.2 was introduced with faster plugin updates.

  1. Eliminate Bugs

Well, the bug fixes are not a kind of priority until and unless your website is attacked by one of the viruses or bugs. Even after any proficient WordPress Developer has tested your website, there are chances of bugs residing in it. Most of the newly released version of WordPress comes secured with bug fixes.

But What if You are Continuously Delaying the Update?

If you are using the old version even after the new one is already on the board, then you are ultimately leaving your website open (public) to attackers. The result will be alarming and it can cost your website a hefty amount of money to recover (it is just a WARNING).

  1. Match the Website Compatibility With Updates

Often WordPress Developers update the existing plugins and themes with the new WordPress release to verify that they are making the best use of newly available enhancements. However, you might find that the newly added update to the plugin results in incompatibility problems with the old plugin. Therefore, it is important to take a backup of your site before making any changes.

  1. Improves Speed and Performance

You are probably wrong if you think that updates are only done for security purposes. Because every time the developers do not concern much about security instead, they also look out for the improvement in the website’s speed and performance.

With the new release of WordPress, you get improved performance for menus and complex queries. Moreover, the updated version of WordPress also enhances the website speed, which in turn boosts the Website Load Time, and helps in improving the result according to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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