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Why Content is Important for SEO?

They say “content is the king” in SEO Industry. So, let’s go deeper and find out what makes content so important for a website.

Content is the first thing that grabs the attention of the visitor. And it becomes more important because it provides your prospective customers a snapshot about your services, products, competency, experience and what differentiates you from your competitors. The content of the website is the great and rather best way to convert a prospective client in to a loyal client. Interesting content motivates a visitor to continue reading and find out what more you have to say. And as far as search engines and SEO is concerned then, you must know that spiders crawl and index the content from websites. And this is the reason why websites built entirely with Flash struggle really hard to get high rankings.

There are two important aspects of web content: Quality and Quantity. Quality here means the content is well-researched, relevant, well-written and most importantly unique. It should be informative as well as interesting and should also contain rich keywords, so that customers can easily find out how you are and what is your niche. Quantity, on the other hand means the website should have enough or sufficient amount of content. It should not be overloaded but not even unfilled. Furthermore, you should keep updating the content as per the advancements in your industry. As an owner you must ensure that your webpage has enough content for visitors to read and spiders to crawl. The purpose of the content is to engage visitors as well as provide enough content to spiders so they can easily reward you a rank you deserve. The usage of keyword is very important but you should not overdo it, because search engines feel you are spamming them and then getting higher ranks will just be a dream for you.


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