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The Importance of Colors in Website Design

Pick the right set of colors while getting your website designed and make that vital first impression in the minds of your potential customers.

When you go for shopping, on what grounds do you select any product? Brands, shape, features and color; yes, the color. It is one of the important factors that play a huge role while attracting people towards your product. The color has its significance in branding and social media promotions, but is often ignored by a lot of business owners. Not many people are aware of the impact, the colors have on people’s minds while buying a product or choosing a particular brand’s services. However, if colors did not play a significant role in customers’ decision making, Apple would just consider a single color for its Iphone, Pantaloons would have been selling same color apparel, and you would not have seen the Fortune 500 spending considerable amount of time as well as money on choosing the right set of colors for their logos. Therefore, the truth remains that colors does have an impact on your business in more than a couple of ways.

Now, when it comes to websites, how many of you have stopped by a site having a stunning web design color? I’m sure the number is huge. No matter our site is having n number of features, if it is not eye catching, it is not being entertained. An excellent Website Development Service holds a web design with an attention-grabbing color because well-established marketers or expert Web Designers very well knows the fact that “the first impression is the last impression.”

So why exactly do colors have an impact on our decisions?

A lot of studies have gone on to prove the fact that colors do trigger certain emotions within us, and most of the times we are not aware of it. Therefore, if as a marketer, you are ignoring the importance of these colors, then you are cutting off the nose to spit the face. Don’t believe me? Ok. Have you wondered why most of the tech and social media companies use a wide range of blue shades in their logos and websites? Be it IBM, Facebook or Dell, blue comes out to be their preferred choice, but why? Let me tell you the real reason. Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. It binds the customer and the company with a rope of trust. Thus, these companies use blue color to make their customers believe in them. If you take a look at the logos of some other industries, you will find that certain sets of colors of preferred by specific industries. So, don’t make the mistake of treating it merely as a coincidence.

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Vital colors in web design

Color theory highly depends on the three primary colors- Red, Blue, and Yellow. However, another color which is of prime importance is Green. Where red resembles energy, blue defines the state of mind. Yellow usually stands for emotions and green is a combination of all the three. Let’s see in brief what more colors can be used in a website and what do they resemble.

Color Theory for Website Design

Red– As said earlier is a color of power. It is active, energetic and courageous. It leaves a powerful impact on your visitors, so, generally used in the ‘Book Now’ section of your website.

Green– Green is a color of balance. It symbolizes refreshment and is pleasing to the eyes. It is usually used in the tourism or food website designs.

Yellow– It is a cheerful color which represents creativity. It is usually seen on websites related to creativity and children.

Blue– As discussed above, it represents trust. Thus, it is appropriate for sites offering high-tech products.

Black– It alludes to sophistication and glamor.  It goes well with the photography and art related web designs.

Purple– It is a color focusing on individuality and imagination. It suits for the vocational and religious sites.

Concluding my article, I would just like to say that Small Business Website Design is an online visual medium for your business. It should be impactful and be choosing right colors in your website design can be advantageous for your online sale of your products or services. Just remember, colors which work well individually doesn’t go well in combinations. So choose wisely. If you are finding yourself in a confused state of mind while choosing color theme for your website, then you should consider the suggestions of  an experienced Web Designer. These people are usually well aware of the psychology that goes behind colors. If you are looking for more such information or you want exclusive Web Design Services, contact us.


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