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Pros and Cons of AJAX

Before Discussing the pros and cons of AJAX, the foremost important thing is what actually AJAX is?

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript + XML.

AJAX is an abbreviated form of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Basically, AJAX it is used for replacing data with a server and changes like updating can be made without reloading the whole page. It is Faster and more responsive as it is a combination of technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XML and XML Http Request object. AJAX uses XML for content, DOM and JavaScript for Dynamic content and CSS for presentation. Nowadays JSON is preferred over XML due to the use of JavaScript and its lighter features.

As a coin consists of two faces similarly everything in this world is having some benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of AJAX.

 Pros or Advantages of Ajax

  • Toolbars for easy navigation: It provides easier navigation to users instead of using traditional methods.
  • ConciseMultipurpose applications are handled by the use of single web page only. It avoids the congregate with other web pages.
  • Connectivity between user and websiteIt allows better interactivity between the user and website, as there is no necessity of reloading the page again and again for the display of content.
  • Speed: It reduces the traffic and increases response time, which ultimately results in uptake of less time.
  • Appreciated and used by many brands: Several complex websites are handled by using AJAX for e.g.: Google Map, vBulletin forum.
  • Less server bandwidth: Else, there is no requirement for completely reloading the page, so it will result in less uses of server bandwidth.

Ample of advantages are discussed now its turn for some disadvantages.

 Disadvantages or Cons of AJAX

  •  Security: It is having some security constraints information can be accessed from the host that contains the initial page. Information can’t be displayed from other server. Files are downloaded at client side.
  • Indexing problem: Search Engine is unable to list AJAX application as it is not integrated with browser.
  • Complex: It is more complex than building web application.


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