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Many of you are already conversant with SQL database, and induce a sound knowledge on MYSQL, Oracle, or other SQl databases. However in past few years NoSQL is replacing SQL in order to overcome a lot of business problems.
NoSQL is a name came out from SQL databases, it has Relational database which uses relations (tables) to store data. NoSQL is an abbreviated form of not only SQL database. Motivation for this approach includes rise in the volume of data stored about users, objects and products, the frequency in which this data is accessed, and performance and processing needs.NoSQL allows for synchronization over multiple servers while still sharing the fault tolerance.

Why NoSQL is preferred over SQL?

  • SQL database are primarily known as Relational Databases (RDBMS) and NoSQL database are known as distributed database.
  • SQL database based on tables or relations whereas NoSQL are document based key-value pairs, graphs or wide-column databases.
  • NoSQL have dynamic schema for reconstructed data whereas SQL have predefined schema.
  • SQL database are vertically scalable so it’s quite easy to manage load by increasing the CPU, RAM, SSD etc. on server whereas NoSQL database are horizontally scalable. Here, instead of single server more servers can be added in order to handle large traffic.
  • At few situations it might possible that SQL render no results whereas NoSQL is able to accept, and to an extent, correct errors to render information similar to what the user is trying to find in the key-word stores.
  • SQL has a lot of purposes, untrained searches which is overcome by the use of NoSQL.
  • SQL allows for storage of random data which can be retrieved with a simple key word. NoSQL breaks the mold when it comes to key-value search.
  • SQL databases are based on ACID properties i.e. A- Atomicity, C-Consistency, I-Isolation and D-Durability whereas the NoSQL database follows the Brewers CAP theorem i.e. C stands for Consistency, A stands for Availability and P for Partition tolerance.
  • SQL databases are not applicable for hierarchical data storage. However, NoSQL database are applicable for the hierarchical data storage.
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