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Most Important Points to know about PSD to HTML Conversion

Are you getting your website designed or getting it redesigned? Well, you may have the PSD but may be left wondering how to proceed next. There are several so called experts offering PSD to HTML Conversion Services, But you need to know several important points before you hire anyone to do the task for you. Here are some of such considerations to make as you seek PSD to HTML Conversion.

  • Custom Coding is the Best: Yes, custom code always excels over automatic conversion due to a reason. While automated solutions can provide you a working website, it is never going to be as good as custom coded one. A pixel perfect solution is incredibly difficult to obtain and automated solutions can never provide you the look and feel that can be generated otherwise.
  • Browser Compatibility: Despite the tall promises, browser compatibility is hard to find among websites generated by automated tools. As long as you haven’t seen the test results yourself, you should avoid placing your interest in the same. Optimization of images is often missing in such offerings and many a times end customers are left wondering what hit them when they find that users as well as search engines are abandoning them due to awfully long loading times.
  • Responsive Websites: An important point to ponder over is whether you are getting a responsive website or not. These days, having a responsive website isn’t an option – it is a necessity. Google and other major search engines place a lot of weight on responsiveness of a website while preparing their search engine result pages. Besides that, mobile searches have essentially surpassed those happening on desktops. Major search engine news portal Search Engine Land reports that as many as 60 percent of all searches are happening on mobile devices. Can you afford to miss the train?
  • JQuery and JQuery UI: This is the age of high end User Interface (UI) and an enhanced User Experience (UX). You need to offer much beyond just a functional website. It needs to have the X-factor that differentiates it from the sea of websites of your competitors. JQuery happens to be the missing piece of the puzzle that can drive your website ahead of that of the others. An automated solution can hardly do that. In fact, some of the better designed websites are being powered by the same and efforts are on to enhance their capabilities.
  • Validation and Testing: How well a particular website runs on a range of mobile devices including smartsphones and tablets needs to be determined before launching it for public. Check whether your PSD to HTML Conversion services vendor happens to do that thoroughly. After all, you ought to obtain best value for every penny being spent by you.
  • Build a Brand Identity: It is quite imperative that you establish a unique brand identity for your business and in order to do that you need to build a cutting edge website. This purpose can be achieved only if you have a unique website that does justice to your brand management efforts. Automated solutions can never match the wow-factor introduced by custom solutions offered by PSD to HTML Conversion.

Going by the above points, there are several reasons that justify hiring an experienced PSD to HTML Conversion Service provider. Although you are going to spend a few bucks in order to do that, every single penny that you spend for the purpose is going to be totally worth the result that you are going to obtain in return.


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