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Make waves with your WordPress website

Did you know that 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress?
Yeah, that’s right! It is the backbone for 17% of the web! These stunning figures are attributed to its powerful features.

WordPress Features that’ll wow you:

  • Simple and Flexible
    WordPress enables you to get your website up and running quite fast and the range of options available – websites be it personal, business, blog, photo blogs, news sites, online communities; name it and you can build it with WordPress.
  • SEO Friendly
    WordPress related keywords record the maximum searches per month – 37 million searches per month. The platform obviously has something right to have such amazing numbers on every score! The All in One SEO Plugin is very popular and is the best in business.
  • Responsive Design
    It is very important that your website is accessible and provides a good user experience across all devices and platforms and with WordPress themes, Responsive Design is the mantra.
  • Top Notch CMS
    WordPress’s content management system is the best in class and is the market leader for it is employed in nearly two thirds of the top million website lot. With such a track record, it is no wonder that WordPress rules the roost amongst e-commerce platforms and anything related to digital marketing today.
  • Built to cater to publishing needs
    WordPress isn’t exactly built for e-commerce; it is a platform that was built for sharing content across the web with breeze. This is why Content is King here. It can handle your entire workflow with ease and helps you publish anywhere.
  • User and Media Management
    WordPress has powerful access control features that let you restrict the access to your website. Similarly, media management features from WordPress allow you to add images and edit them within no time.
  • Themes and Plugins
    WordPress comes with 2 default themes and you can create your own with ease here. Also, there are numerous plugins that you can rely on for adding extra functionality. WordPress plugins for SEO are top notch and the best in market. There are about 29000 plugins to choose from and these are being increased by the day.

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