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Why Magento for eCommerce Business Store?

What makes Magento eCommerce CMS is the most preferred platform for online shopping and business websites?

With a whopping 26% share in e-commerce market, Magento is clearly the market leader for the best online shopping websites. It is predominantly used in North America (76%) where online shopping is how most transactions are done!

Why choose Magento eCommerce CMS ?

  • Open Source
    It is an open source platform and this means some of its editions are free! Hiring a Magento Expert can help you work wonders with such editions and this can substantially bring down costs.
  • Vast talent pool
    Owing to its open source nature, there is a large network of developers who are working on it on a daily basis and this help is very much available.
  • Designed for e-Commerce
    The platform has been developed to cater to building e-commerce portals that have powerful features and serve as one stop solutions. The platform is feature rich so much so that you don’t have to look beyond Magento for your online shopping website.
  • Performance Aspects
    The page loading and response time is top notch when compared to other solutions. Other performance parameters such as processing time for queries and DB optimization aspects in Magento are way better leaving it a clear winner. This helps in customer retention and conversion of leads to customers.
  • SEO Friendly platform
    Magento’s CMS is extremely search engine friendly. There are a couple of features that help SEO that come pre loaded with Magento.
  • Mobile Commerce Support
    HTML capabilities are being incorporated into many editions of Magento and thus this equips the platform to provide a superior user experience as far as mobile shoppers are concerned. The responsiveness of the websites are improved with this and this is a major plus for Magento compared to its competitors.
  • Easy to Integrate
    One of the most important and perhaps notable features of Magento is its ease of integration with 3rd part vendors. This facilitates an easy integration with a variety of payment options and gateways and this is an excellent feature for a shopping website!

Other aspects are scalability, flexibility and being able to host multiple stores with one backend and controlling them all from a single admin window.

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