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Learn technicalities of different types of writing

The increased popularity of online Reading has increased amount the users and so the curiosity about finding out what all different pieces of writing are available online and what makes one different from the other has increased among the writers. If you also find it confusing to decide that what articles are, what are blogs and why they are different then continue reading. We are sure by the end you will have all the answers.


If we talk about articles they are lengthy. The word count can range from 400-1000 and even more. If we talk about article writing then they are fact based. You just have to write about the facts. In addition, while writing article one emphasizes on making it informative, try to cover as many attributes as possible. Generally they are structured as clear introduction, middle and conclusion. In general, They are non-promotional in nature.


Blogs are simple and short piece of writing. In blog posts writer generally provides his or her views on any topic. They also include terms like ‘you’ to address the reader and audience participation is also possible with comments. Blogs posts are posted very often or blog portals as well as on websites to increase customer involvement and interaction. As such there is no specific word count, however try to keep them short and precise.

Press Releases

Press releases are generally kept shorter, as they tend to attract more customers. The word count ranges from 175-300. The content should be easy to understand, accurate and to the point. Try to incorporate things like why, when, where, who in the first paragraph, to give your audience a quick brief about yourself. Make sure that you provide your contact details and website URL.


Writing classifieds is both easy as well as difficult. You can’t just go on and on when writing a classified. They are generally 2- 3 line long so you have to write the best features about your services and products. This definitely makes it difficult at times, especially for article writers who love to write every little detail about the subject. They are used for advertisement purpose. In classifieds providing your contact details is a must.



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