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In past few years there is a steep increase in the demand of website development. Joomla is given preference over other CMS platforms as it adds more versatility to the online web portals and promotes the growth of online business to greater extent. Joomla is used to create and develop a website which is highly innovative as well as interactive.

Plugin form the lifeline of Joomla and their use as Content Management System. Joomla plugins help to extend the functionality of the software program. Joomla plugin extends the functionality of the basic programming as it allow execution of codes based on events based either on core events or custom events.

Joomla plugin is open source software offers several core events including content events, user events, system events, contact events and editor events.

Basically Joomla plugin is a task oriented function that interrupts content before it is displayed and the manipulation is also done by it. For example, the Joomla plugin allows the user to protect Joomla forms from spam and bot which means no more multiple submissions spamming your site. It aggravates you and your website from those spammers and bots.

Following is the list of few popular Joomla plugins and their characteristics:

  • Nice Talk: This extension offers you chat facilities with your visitors. It allows you to have a nice and simple chat with your visitors.
  • Jom Tube Video Gallery: Unlike You tube this extension allows you to transform your website into the video gallery of your choice.
  • TweetCan bring high traffic at your site as it allow user interact via their twitter profile.
  • Slide Show Pro Module: This extension allows you to develop slideshow on your website.
  • iJoomla Search: This extension allows a search and retrieval system to your visitors, which is beneficial for them.

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