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Important tips to drive traffic to your website

If you own a business and are on the lookout for some effective ways to attract significant amount of traffic to your website, then one important platform that you just cannot afford to ignore is social media. It has gone on to become a very useful medium to not only to generate leads and build online sales but create brand awareness as well. By following the tips provided in this article, you will be able to attract more than a decent amount of traffic to your website, and more importantly, convert them into customers as well.

For your convenience, I am organizing these Social Media Marketing strategies into 6 main categories:

1)    Social Media Listening: Pay attention to important buying indicators and try to come up with useful links as response. Do not ignore any requests related to suggestions. Be all ears to any discussion that is going on related to the products or services you are offering. It is also a good idea to provide relevant content with your target audience. Also, you must never end your search for relevant blogs and backlinks.

2)    Social Content: All your content must have an effective ‘Call to Action’ message. Some content marketers also suggest breaking up your content into several pieces of presentations, which can then be directly linked to your website. Request all the followers of your blogs to sign up for your newsletter.

3)    Social Media Engagement: For better conversions, you must make sure that you link back to the landing pages. Try to provide all answers thrown at you through social networking platforms. Your site must be responsive so that the ones using mobile or handheld devices can also enjoy browsing your website.

4)    Social Media Advertisements: Facebook ads as well as promoted Tweets have become a good source of online advertising. You can also use LinkedIn for marketing. Look for forums related to the type of products or services you have on offer and try to use it as an advertising platform.

5)    Social Media Measurement: Keep an eye on those social channels which are helping you attract the highest traffic to your website. Your site must also have social share widgets. You should also keep a track of the performance of all your social media promotions and campaigns. Use a variety of call to action strategies and analyze their effectiveness.

6)    SEO: Your content must have relevant keywords, which must also be used on social networking platforms as well as social updates. Try to stuff keywords in titles and interlinks all your contents with social media.

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