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Google have started Penalizing Non-Mobile Sites

A fresh Algorithm Update is going to considerably Impact’ Sites not having Mobile Compatibility

Reports had been in circulation for a while. The warning indications had been present. And, beginning from the 21st of April, this news has been official and Google would like people to mobilize their websites. Actually the search engine giant would be updating its algorithm (once more) to raise rankings for sites that are mobile friendly. The fact is that according to an announcement made by Google it has a plan of expanding its employment of mobile-friendliness as a signal for ranking.

To put it simply, this implies that websites having mobile compatibility & cell phone app connectivity are going to be granted higher place in search outcomes compared to the sites without.

In a fairly unique move, Google did not merely lay out plans for its subsequent algorithmic renew but also allocated an explicit date for launching this update.

Going by the message on the Webmaster Central blog it, Google stated:

Commencing from April 21, we are going to be enlarging our employment of mobile-friendliness as a signal for ranking. This adjustment would be affecting mobile searches in every language worldwide and is going to impact our search outcomes significantly. Thus, users would be finding it simpler to get applicable, first-class search outcomes that have been optimized for their gadgets.

Is this a significant impact?

What is the significance of this to you exactly? Briefly put Google is planning to penalize the search rankings of all those websites that are not cell phone-friendly or sites that are not responsive to diverse screen sizes, correctly configured and capable of being viewed on numerous sorts of devices. All the priceless SEO that a site has now might be nullified if that cannot be viewed on a cell phone device.

The logic for this renew/update is straightforward. With the world moving to cell phone and an increasing part of our lives take place within a handheld gadget, it is vital for websites to be able to sustain. By rewarding such sites that are cell phone friendly, Google is keeping on shaping the digital landscape.

How to know if a site is cell phone Mobile Friendly?

For determining whether a website is presently being considered “cell phone friendly” by Google, two tests are there to run.

  1. Check the SERP appearances of the site.
  2. Run the concerned site through the Mobile-Friendly Test of Google.

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