F5 Buddy’s Journey From a Start-up to an Organization

F5 Buddy

Our Advent

F5 Buddy came into existence in Year 2014, with the sole aim of delivering quality. What started off with a small yet proficient team of 5 has now grown into a full-fledged organization of more than 30 competent professionals.

Throughout the journey, we overcame several challenges, and within the tiny time frame of 3.5 years, we have been able to partner with more than a hundred clients worldwide for the successful fulfillment of their service requirements.

We are the ultimate buddy to “refresh” a business!
We were resilient in our struggles

What is a start-up if not an outcome of falling down 8 times, and getting up 9…?

We had our rough patches just like all other start-ups find themselves in. And this is how we overcame all of them-

We knew our ethics

When starting up, it is the people you join hands with that matters the most, and we had the best at our side. Since we were confident in our people, we grew stronger and mightier with each passing day.

We always embraced change

It can be hard to not change when the world of Technology is. We did not stand our traditional practices, but changed for the better, regularly upgrading ourselves and becoming a better version as years passed by.

We played it creatively

Our approach towards our budding company was never a rigid structure of what we did and planned on doing. We kept our eyes open and ourselves full of creativity to constantly approach difficulties with newer perceptions and solutions. One of them always worked, and we pulled through the rough patch.

We became courageous

When the will to win is bigger than the fear of failure, success comes. It is always easy to fall when things go rough, but being resilient in the face of a challenge brings a start-up to become an organization.

We were focused on our mission

We gave it all, and never for a moment lost sight of our objective for the company. When start-ups collapse, we saw the opportunity to build ourselves up, and we succeeded.

Where we stand today

We now provide services in Responsive Website designing, Web Application development, eCommerce solutions, Mobile Application development, and SEO and Digital Marketing.

We know our task does not end when the product is delivered, instead, a new phase begins. We provide the much-needed support and maintenance should you require us at any time after the project is handed over. Our devotion to our customers forms the epicenter of our relations and our success.

Within the short span, we have been able to deliver more than a thousand projects, with the promise of quality, owing to our highly skilled team.

We have served a wide range of industries with cutting-edge solutions tailor-made for specific problems. We have developed and delivered solutions for-

  • Small businesses
  • Law firms
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Retail sector

Our perseverance paid us off!

We stood tall in the face of adversities, and that has made all the difference in our journey. F5 Buddy has been the pioneer in Technology and services and will strive hard to continue being the same.

Our sheer determination towards our goal helped us achieve the heights of satisfaction and we will make sure the flag rises higher still.

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