Dilemma!! Between OpenCart and PrestaShop which is a better E-Commerce platform?

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Confused in the selection of best e-Commerce platform among OpenCart and PrestaShop. Well, I would wish to share aspects of my friends may be that’ll help to recover the best among them.
My friend Alex started his online e-Commerce, he tried ample of carts including Zen, Presta, OpenCart and many more. He practiced to install them, check and promptly delete them. Yet, when he installed OpenCart he was gratified.. He keeps on appreciating the interface, aftermarket support and layout.
Well, on the other hand, my friend Baron used PrestaShop, he appreciates it’s look and feel, excellent features.

There experience is not going to separate out your confusion until and unless you are going to utilize it, experience it. Nevertheless, in that location are few titles under which the dispute can be distinctly demonstrated.

  • Content Management
    OpenCart has simple content management tool for non-productive pages within the hosted websites which are known as Information instead of Pages. While, contents of PrestaShop content management is more smooth.
  • Themes and Extensions
    OpenCart’s theme is migrated from 1.4 to 1.5 version while PrestaShop is more developed. And, if we talk about the extensions PrestaShop and OpenCart both offers a huge variety of extensions and plugins, to users to add more features.
  • SEO
    SEO is becoming not only popular but an essential part of marketing. If an online store owner website is having a high ranking it’ll result in more productivity. PrestaShop and OpenCart both are SEO friendly E-Commerce.
  • Multi-Store
    This allows users to manage multiple stores from one user interface. You can set prices for each stores, set products, products which are being sold can be themed differently, set up some stores as retail and some as wholesale.
  • Scalability

OpenCart has fixed number of products in it for a client. Instead PrestaShop claims that there is as such no limitation in the products that can be sell in user’s store.


Both PrestaShop and OpenCart provides ease and many features for E-Commerce Website Development.

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