Bootstrap 3: Shaping Open Source CMS

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Bootstrap is the best way to start a small business if you want the highest chance of success. Bootstrap is a free collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code created by twitter to aid web designers to create rapid and consistent websites and applications. Bootstrap, basically is a framework especially for backend developers who have limited knowledge about the front end. It helps in informing how to build a modular, re-usable and scalable front end and uses it as an easy way out. Bootstrap is reconcilable with the latest version of all the browsers that are used majorly. It gracefully degrades when older browser like Internet Explorer 8 are used.

The previous version of Bootstrap i.e. Bootstrap 2.0 supports responsive web design. The characteristics of the device used like desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile phone is that the layout of web pages adjusts dynamically.

In version 3.0, Bootstrap adopted a mobile first design philosophy. Bootstrap 3 emphases on responsive design by default.

Bootstrap is made for everyone it not only looks and feels great in Internet Explorer 7 but also in tabs and smartphones browsers via responsive CSS.

Features of Bootstrap3

  • It allow us to work with a variety of layout options such as the grid system, this grid system allows us to create layout extremely quickly.
  • Selection of handy JavaScript plugins like popups, animated menus, and a responsive carousel.
  • Default text and button styles.
  • Quickly create a form.

Bootstrap 3 is a theme-able and extensible framework which makes our website look like the way we want to. Moreover, it also supports responsive design for a mobile website. So, without duplicating content transformation of desktop design into a user friendly mobile website is possible. It allows for true responsive layout as well as adaptive layout.

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