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7 SEO Tools that Every Digital Marketer Must be Using

As a Digital Marketer, it is crucial to invest in the Best SEO Tools that aid you in maximizing your productivity. As the digital industry is developing, there are several tools coming into the picture that can make your task easy, cutting down human labor, without sacrificing the quality.

Here we are focusing light to some of the go-to collection of SEO tools that are intuitive and slick.

So, let’s dive in:

1. Google Trends:

If you want to remain ahead of the competitors, you need to always remain up what is trending. Google Trends is the best tool to determine what is trending in the industry. With this tool, you can keep a record of an upcoming trend in your industry and get an idea of how public interest is changing on the topic over a given period of time.

There are several benefits of using this tool by Google, some of them include, Google Trends aids in:

  • Selecting the best keywords
  • Knowing the hottest trends
  • Finding articles for backlinking
  • Monitoring brand
  • Keeping an eye on competitors
  • Identifying region which garnered significant interest in your keyword

Thus, with Google Trends, you can find keywords that help you prepare to engage in actionable content.

2. SEMRush:

SEMRush is a powerful SEO tool that makes marketers job quite easy with its advanced and unique features. From keyword research to competitor analysis, site audit and backlink analysis, this tool can be used for everything.
SEMRush offers a 14-day free trial, which can be extended if you feel it is useful for your business. With SEMRush, you can effectively take a strategic business decision and outdistance your competitors.

With SEMRush, it becomes easy:

  • To get a better understanding of your competitors
  • Find converting keywords
  • Discover advertising opportunities
  • Discover ideas that keep your content fresh
  • Find SERP feature that is worth optimizing

3. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a freemium content analytic tool that is quite essential for SEO and social media marketing efforts. BuzzSumo helps you find trending topics which keep your audience engaged and bring traffic to your site.

With the growing competition in the digital market, fresher contents are hard to find. To remain ahead of your competitors and to grab the attention of the audience, it is crucial to cover hot and trending topics in your content.

With BuzzSumo, you will get ideas which could be brainstormed for new blog posts, infographics, video, image and more. This tool helps you produce which is relevant, along with trending.

BuzzSumo aids you in improving overall marketing strategy. With BuzzSumo, you can:

  • Get constant and new ideas
  • Find the right influencers to target
  • Do competitor analysis and improve backlinking strategy
  • Decide which social network would be most optimal
  • Choose the Right Type of Content and Length

4. Spyfu:

Spyfu is the best tool that helps you sneak-a-peek into your competitor’s keywords. You might be using various tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush for finding the keywords. But, how will you determine whether these keywords are right for your business or not?

In this case, Spyfu aids you in determining whether the keywords who have selected are appropriate to give your strategies a kickstart or not. You can utilize this tool for a wide variety of services related to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. You can also check what your competitors are paying and what results they are getting from their ads.

The smart recommendations by SpyFu drive clicks and traffic to business SEO and Adwords campaign. Here are some of the features that you will find in this remarkable tool:

  • Backlink and Keyword Searches
  • Domain Searches and Backlink Exports
  • Paid Keywords
  • Filter Sales Leads
  • Unlimited Backlink Results
  • Custom Branded Reports

5. Yoast SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO plugin is easy to use a plugin that is commonly being used to optimize WordPress site for search engines. With this tool, you can easily add titles, descriptions, index/no-index pages on your WordPress site. Apart from this, the tool also allows you to add rich content such as Facebook and Pinterest Open Graph, titles and descriptions, dynamic XML sitemap to the site and canonical page URL.

Yoast also has a number of settings, which aids digital marketers in optimizing their blog posts according to the search engines. There are higher chances of attaining a good ranking for your posts if you have all the Yoasts criteria fulfilled.

Here are some of the features that you will get with Yoast premium:

  • Redirects Module
  • Advanced Content Detection
  • Internal linking and Social Previews
  • Orphaned Content Filter

6. MarketMuse:

MarketMuse is an AI-based platform that aids in accelerating your content planning, creation and optimization. The MarketMuse allows you to identify quality issues in your content and builds blueprints to show how to cover the topic comprehensively. The number of successful content brands out there utilizes MarketMuse to measure and improve the quality of their contents.

A prolific author and co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, found MarketMuse as a great way to analyze the quality, depth and performance of content. Prioritize the best content opportunities and perform a site-wide audit with MarketMuse.

Here are some of the benefits of MarketMuse:

  • This cloud-based tool helps you determine the relevancy of your content
  • It aids in measuring the success and relevance of existing SEO efforts
  • The interface is incredibly user-friendly
  • It helps you find potential terms that are closely related to your existing keywords
  • Helps you determine the gap in your content.

7. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is the most powerful suites of social media and SEO tools that will surely aid you in boosting your sale. Most digital marketer thinks that it is a “backlink checker”, however, this is not true. Ahrefs has myriad of remarkable features that aid you in determining ranks, backlinks, domain rating URL rating and much more.

Here are a few things that can be done with the help of Ahrefs:

  • Replicating the strategies of competitors by finding the backlinks of competitors.
  • Get new link opportunities on autopilot
  • Find low competition keywords
  • Determining SEO issues that are impacting your website’s performance
  • Find guest blogging opportunities

So, this was all about 7 best SEO tools that every digital marketer must be using.

For more such updates, stay tuned!

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