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5 Top FAQ Plugins For WordPress Websites Development

When you run a website, it is common to receive emails from your visitors – maybe a lot of them. These mails could be from your blog commenter, clients or your potential customers.

If you hope to have a successful business or clients who trust you – It should be your priority to revert all the emails you receive.

At the same time, it is possible that many of these emails contain similar or related queries, and reverting to these emails may take your valuable time that could be used for other important business works. Instead of replying these similar questions, one can have a frequently asked questions or FAQ list on their webpage.

Unfortunately people are time conscious and don’t want to spend a lot of time in reading dozens of generic questions and answers. So, Instead of having a boilerplate FAQ page on the website you can use a simple plugin that integrates directly into your sales page. It will help you sell your products or services by answering relevant questions and attracting people’s attention on the spot.

If your potential customers aren’t pulling the trigger and buying products or services you are offering, you should consider using an FAQ plugin on your sales pages.

Here are some of the best FAQ plugins that you can include during your WordPress Website Development.

1. Ultimate FAQ

Like other WordPress FAQ plugins, Ultimate FAQ also allows you to have unlimited FAQs and FAQ categories on your website page. One can display these FAQs and categories with various styling options on any webpage, woocommerce product and service page, or even in the sidebar.

Ultimate FAQ is equipped with variety of unique features. It comes with a handy and useful stats dashboard that provides you a summary of all your FAQ views. You can help your users to search easily using search forms through your questions and answers. The plugin also provides feature to export your questions and answers to a PDF form and can also be used with any content that would benefit from an expandable section like recipes or job listings.

Ultimate FAQ

Following are the benefits of using Ultimate FAQ during Website Development.

  1. It provides Statistics Summary for number of views.
  2. Search, sort order and hide categories.
  3. Insert Custom CSS for styling post
  4. Provide option to export files in to PDF

2. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

Most of the FAQ plugins are responsive however if you don’t wish to take any chances, HTML5 Responsive FAQ is for you. It is a guaranteed fully responsive plugin that is compatible with every responsive theme.

Using a custom title one can categorize similar questions and answers into a group. This plugin makes it easy to integrate the look of your FAQs with the rest of your website by changing its fonts, colors and design.HTML5 Responsive FAQ also supports various content builder plugins like Visual Composer.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ

Following are the benefits of using HTML5 Responsive FAQ during WordPress Website Development.

  1. It is easy to use
  2. It can be added easily to any post, page or widget.
  3. One can use supplied shortcodes.
  4. It is Free

3. Arconix FAQ

When someone is looking for an easy to use and simple to install WordPress FAQ plugin, Arconix FAQ  is an excellent choice. Arconix FAQ  can be easily added nearly to anywhere on your wordpress website by inserting a simple shortcode into your content or a widget.

This Plugin is unique due to its default display which is little different and something that anyone would love to have on their website. It displays your questions and answers in the form of a toggle or animation. It also provides an option to include FAQs either individually or grouping them into FAQ sections within the WordPress editor during creation.

Arconix FAQ

Following are the benefits of using Arconix FAQ Plugin during the Website Development.

  1. Unique styling options
  2. Offer a lot of flexibility
  3. It can work by including a shortcode directly into a post or webpage
  4. It is Free

4. Fancy FAQ

Fancy FAQ plugin is one of the most easy to use FAQ plugins. It lets you add a FAQ section quickly to any post, webpage or widget by using the supplied shortcode – all with a responsive layout.These shortcodes allow various additional customization options such as seleting the category, type, order, or limiting the number of FAQs displayed.
To display your answers, you can choose options from toggle animation or accordion. Like other WordPress FAQ plugins, you can add icons, images or videos to your answers directly from the WordPress edit. It has a Settings page where you can select or change colors, fonts and styles, but the major drawback of this plugin is that it doesn’t have an easily editable design option.

Fancy FAQ

Following are the benefits of using Fancy FAQ Plugin during the Website Development.

  1. Provides custom fancy FAQ post
  2. Can be displayed in post, page or widget.
  3. Provides Responsive Layout
  4. Has Shortcode system with attributes
  5. Provide categories options.

5. WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

One can use various FAQ plugins for WooCommerce product WebPages, but WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager plugin is exclusively created for this function. In fact, one must have WooCommerce on your website to use this plugin.

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager advertizes itself as “zero configuration, just plug and play” so that one should not have trouble in getting things functioning properly. One can create an unlimited number of FAQs for WooCommere products including images or videos in the answers. Woocommerce plugin is handy for questions and answers that are relevant to all products such as those on contact information, refund policy or shipping concerns.

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

Its live FAQ search allows users to type a keyword in the search box then questions and  answers which have that keywords appear highlighted. It also has other features like options panel, theme builder, predefined themes , responsive layout, translation ready, and more.

Following are the benefits of using WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager plugin for WooCommerce Website Development.

  1. Extensive optional panel.
  2. Responsive layout.
  3. Predefined theme and panel.
  4. Support for latest WP version
  5. Super flexible.

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Wrapping it up

Potential clients or buyers may have pre-purchase queries and solving their querries immediately may increase the sales. So, it is better to have a FAQ section on your product or sales page rather than providing your visitors a contact support option.

Contacting a professional WordPress Developer will help you to select high-quality FAQ plugin for your business. And with the list of these top WordPress FAQ plugins from F5 Buddy, you get plenty of options to choose best plugin for your WordPress Website Development.

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