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5 Reasons Why Businesses Move Towards WordPress

WordPress is a platform that came into existence in the calendar year of 2003. Since then, WordPress has gone through many changes but despite all the odds, it still remains a favorite web platform for bloggers and businesses around the world.

When WordPress was first developed, it was just a website for blogging but now it also offers a plethora of services and is now recognized in a much more expanded platform than it was ever before. By opting for WordPress development services for your business, you can pave the way to success, no matter what your business domain is. WordPress can be used simply by installing and switching with a number of themes options available. Themes are the things that may allow a user to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website without hindering with all the other website content. WordPress website will require a theme to be present since it will outline your brand reputation and business URL. So, here are some of the reasons mentioned by our expert WordPress developers at F5 Buddy to help you and your business acknowledge its importance and move ahead in the right direction by opting for WordPress development services..

  1. It is Easy To Use:

WordPress is a platform that is friendly with the beginning itself and its user interface is also smooth. WordPress’ installation process can also be done in just a few steps, however requiring only five minutes of your time so that even a beginner can easily set up their WordPress website. A full support system of WordPress can help in navigating through each step of the implementation process. WordPress also offers its support forums for more technical questions so that you can visit if you face any hindrance while setting up the website.

  1. Easy Implementation:

WordPress can now be used for e-commerce solutions, earlier it was just used for blogging purposes. But one of the more surprising facts is that WordPress lets you do it all for free. Some of the major features you want to include and pay for are domain and hosting so that their business URL can be under their respective name rather than being demonstrated by a WordPress URL. WordPress allows you to have free reign to edit its coding since it is an open source software. No additional charges or any other in-built fees are taken thus making WordPress the most cost-effective platform for your business requirements.

  1. Infinite Customizations:

Since WordPress offers open source coding, it is much easier for you to set up your website accordingly. Furthermore, there are more than thousands of free and premium themes available that you can choose thus making it easy for beginners too. A business owner always wants their business under their own name and brand reputation and with WordPress providing options for easy customization, it is simple and attainable. Thus with customized WordPress development services, you can make your website more user friendly according to your target audience.

  1. It is Device Friendly:

WordPress is mobile friendly as its features are compatible with the use in mobile devices. No matter whatever device an individual is using to run your website, it can automatically adjust itself according to the device with which it is being surfed. Whether you are setting up a basic website or a full fledged ecommerce store, the responsive behavior of your website can do wonders in terms of accessibility and overall growth. Further, if you have a reliable WordPress web development company looking after your website, it can be made even faster with the help of compressing images and optimizing resources, and it will automatically reduce loading time of the website, making it even more appealing to your visitors.

  1. Variety of Plugins:

Well the WordPress is the perfect place to customize your website accordingly and hence with more than fifty thousand plugins available for downloading, you can easily achieve it. Plug-ins are used to add functionality, security and usability in your website. Plugins isn’t just about this, but the features range from contact forms to SEO and even visual editors.


As mentioned by our experts at F5 Buddy, and being an experienced WordPress web development company, WordPress’ customization abilities, mobile-friendly usage and simplicity are among the core features so as to state why it is regarded as the number one platform for website blogging and e-commerce purposes. If you want to implement it for your business, then make sure to contact our WordPress experts and we will be glad to guide you in making the right decision for your business website.

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