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How to Create Blog Page In Shopify

A lot has been talked about how to pick an ecommerce platform and the importance of choosing the right platform in the realm of ecommerce Website Development. Numerous online stores have utilized Shopify for a year or more. Furthermore, the majority of them have recognized shopify ecommerce platform as a one stop solution which empowers customers to buy with flexibility. 

In the digital era, content plays very important role

To Create Blog Page in Shopify first need to create Blog Template

2. After Creating Blog Template need to write code in the template

Now, the blog template has been created successfully.

This Blog Template is used in main blog page where all the post is showing.

3. After that create article template

Article is Blog single page which shows the blog content. For article we need to create article template

In this we add section or only template for code and its layout design

4. After That all coding we Add Blog page to a specific template and add specific article template on this template

Ques: How to add blog template on blog page?

Ans: Below are the steps to add blog template on blog page:

1.First On Dashboard we select Blog Posts Then Click on Manage Blogs2. After That click on Blog Like News 3. Then We Choose Blog template which we want

So we add Blog page Template to our Blogs

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