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Project Overview:  Plugin

The Challenge is a gaming website where multiple games are available to play. Users have to first register on the portal and can play games only after admin approval.

Client has provided his logic in docx file for the “Roulette Game” and implementing it as per the client requirement was real challenge for us. Also the biggest challenge was building it in two languages that is Spanish and Italian.

One more challenge was implementing client’s logic only, as we were given instructions not to change or modify any logic and even we could not use our own logic.

We accepted the challenge and started working towards the solution.

The Solution

First we started working on our local system and created all the logics on paper. Then we started implementing the logic by writing code following latest coding standards. Considering gaming website our main aim was to give dynamic and user friendly look and feel to the website and we designed simple, unique and responsive game with our innovative skills.


  1. WP Plugin Development
  2. Betting System
  3. Win and Loss

Issue or Problem we faced:

The biggest issue was calculating all the betting data on client side or server side but not in database. We have planned to store data in database but then as per the client request we resolved it and stored all the data and all the calculations in session.


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