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About Wedding Tropics

Know in brief about Wedding tropics

Wedding tropics is beach wedding attire designing for men and has been in the market since 2006. They have designed and manufacture special beach wedding attire for men. These attires come in a large range of colors, styles, and sizes. Many different style options for the collar, cuff, button, and more are available through their creative customization methods, including 300+ embroidery colors for their embroidered tops, 25 different fabric colors, personalized suit, wide and tall measurements up to 5XL.


Weeding tropics had looked for a qualified weaving companion to let the website glimmer on an online entry to extend the business. They needed to be as refined as imaginable in the attempt. They looked at attractive website design and rapid growth as one of the leaders in the online industry.

Luckily, they came across F5 Buddy, a reputable website creation firm specialising in WordPress Website Maintenance. That’s how we came into the picture to assist them in every manner. We were instructed to create a user-friendly website with searching and sorting capabilities to get the best out of their time on the site.

Challenges we faced:

The business needed a new eCommerce website to sell its unique and fashionable attire online. We helped the Company create a website that makes it easier to locate all its brands. We had a coordinated inventory with a third-party dealer to enable the Company to store its product on-site and provide cost-effective transport solutions.


  • A responsive employee guaranteed customer loyalty.
  • Mobile-friendly software feature.
  • Off-site distribution products and inventory sync have been managed and conveniently linked to the website.
  • A completely redesigned and revamped website.
  • Quick navigation makes it easier for the general population to find the information you want.
  • Wedding roots have a password-protected website where they can make modifications at their leisure (e.g., attire costs, contact us page).
  • Internal employees were taught how to use the WooCommerce theme to make updates and add new products.
  • Consumers appreciated the new website’s software.
  • The website redesign was completed with the given budget.
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