CIBUNET :- The Global Economic Synergy Interface

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About CIBUNET :- The Global Economic Synergy Interface

Project Goal

Cibunet aims to provide their clients with a VIRTUAL MACROECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT. To achieve this, they needed a system where for an Economic Development Council which can deploy the econimic goals and industries within their industry specific framework. The system should facilitate the user or a company to enable Strategic Plans and Industry Clustering.

Project Requirements:

Here are the modules that were required to be integrated in system:

  • Live Presentation : where multiple users can join  the presentation using video conferencing and share their points using live chat system or drawing on the whiteboard.

  • Planning Tools :Tools for manage visions, goals, business plan and strategic plan.
  • Finances Management Tools: Tools for manage finances with their own customized wallet.
  • Own Networking System : Tools for managing Industries, subscriber, users, opportunities, post publishing.
  • Others: Screen recording and uploading on AWS cloud, etc.


  • Framework Selection: Cibunet is a big platform that combines many features and modules. Hence, the selection of right framework was one of the biggest challenges for us. Each framework comes with its own specialty to handle specific things like WordPress is generally used for blogging or creating eCommerce websites. CodeIgniter is mainly used for medium-sized web applications , where as for frontend and real-time applications NodeJs is the trending name.
  • Time Limitation: Time was also a constraint while completing the project as client wanted to bring the application in the market sooner. The rise in the competition demanded the application to be brought quickly. It was quite challenging to cover all the features and required modules in such a short span of time.
  • Module Assembling : Assembling of modules needed to be done with an effective approach. Hence, we discussed with client and after their approval used different framework for different module. We used WordPress, CodeIgniter and NodeJs  to assemble the frameworks.
  • Third-Party Integration: Third-Party Integration like AWS cloud for video storage, WebRTC for real-time video conferencing and own wallet integration for finance module is also one of the challenges during integration of system.

Our Solution:

  • We studied the client requirement in detail in the very first phase of our development project. Our skilled developers performed deep research to understand the various modules that were required to be developed throughout the project. We then coordinated to develop a proper flow for the project, which is quite essential to achieve the right goal while the development of such large system
  • We started working on the project with the team of developers, quality analysts and testers to ensure the project not only complete on time, but also without errors. We selected WordPress, Codeigniter and NodeJs as these framework suited our requirements in the best way.
  • We come up with innovative designs for the system, created prototype and finally select the appropriate design.
  • After finalizing the design with client, our team prepared the graphical element of the system.
  • Different developers started working parallelly on different modules and after completing the module we merged all modules in a flow.
  • For third party integration, our developer integrated all the required API like AWS cloud and WebRTC successfully


We worked day-in and day-out to complete the project on time and as per the needs of client. Our hardword paid us off well. Client not only appreciated us for developing easy to use application, but was also impressed by the navigation and user-friendly design. We handed the complete admin credentials and user guides to the client.

We kept testing the application at every stage of the development which helped us in completing the project in time and without any errors. Client was really impressed by the skill and dedication of our developers and made us their long-term development partner.

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