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About BulKanna

Know in brief about Bulkanna Company

Bulkanna is a hemp farming company in the United States. With a dedication to providing quality products and services, it is a family-owned business. One of its founders, Trevor Hill, is a hemp farmer registered in Oregon and has a lot of expertise in the CBD industry, both on the ground and behind the scenes.

They have years of experience in the hemp industry. Bulkanna cultivated hemp on nearly 1000 acres in Oregon, Arizona, and Oklahoma in the United States and South Africa. Before selling any of their products, they first tested and verified all of their products.


Bulkanna was planning to redesign its website with a modern twist. They wanted to reach out to every consumer so that consumers can enjoy the product’s goodness. They were looking for someone who can build their website to be elegant with complete information about products.

With the new website, they wanted to save money because updates are expensive, and that is how they contacted F5 buddy as it provided budget-friendly services to its clients. They guided us to create an easy-to-use website with navigation and sorting so that users would take advantage of their time on the Internet.

Challenges we faced:

The old site of Bulkanna did nothing to talk about the singularity of its name, and its loading was sluggish. Their website was not even SEO-friendly. Their product did not specifically indicate the advantages of purchasing it. These difficulties were mixed, and several potential customers lost their sales trunks before arrival at the check-out. The website had a long loading time, no public contact, and a poor approach rate from users, resulting in a negligible return.


We fulfill our promise by providing Bulkanna most organic SEO. We delivered a content-focused rebranding strategy. With the combining efforts of our website designers and Bulkanna’s team, now they have a website that can put their products at the forefront. Now their website has a faster loading time which allows customers to find their product hassle-free. We updated the website’s look and some other specifications.

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